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HP Buys Out Palm

Struggling mobile manufacturer Palm is being bought by American computer giant HP for $1billion.

Palm, a pioneer in the smart-phone industry, has been hotly tipped as a prime target for a corporate take-over following their failed efforts to compete with the likes of Apple and Android in recent years.

The company was founded in 1992, and was once a trend-setter in the mobile marketplace. However, recent ventures such as its webOS and Palm Pre have not hit expected sales or market targets.

Brian Humphries, HP’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development, said earlier today: “This is a great opportunity to take two Silicon Valley idols and put them together,” Humphries noted. That’s an obvious statement, but he quickly moved on to the meat. “WebOS is the best-in-class mobile operating system. Our intent is to double down on webOS.”

HP has made a statement on their website outlining some of their plans for Palm, which includes development of the webOS platform into HP mobile devices.

As part of the deal, HP will pay $5.70 per share in Palm, a premium on today’s closing price of $4.63, but a far cry from the lofty-heights of their 52-week high of $18.09 per share prior to the launch of the Pre handset.

What You Say Will Come Back to Haunt You

I’ve talked many times before about the dangers of saying the wrong thing online. Things that you say on the Internet can – and WILL eventually – come back to bite you in the ass. A sad trend I’ve seen lately is the number of people who tweet while they are inebriated. Sure, they may delete the tweet the next day while sober again. However, the damage has been done. People like Robert Scoble could call you out on it, forever reminding people of what you said. Others will retweet you, or somehow archive what you’ve said. Worse yet, your boss may read it.

A few hours ago, Lynn Fox (the VP of PR for Palm) posted something I think she may soon regret:

Men, I love you all, but someone needs to be honest with you at some point. You’re retarded. Unless you’re gay. Let the healing begin.

Oy vey. I won’t begin to speculate as to what prompted her to send something like this over Twitter for her followers – and the World – to see. I will, however, repeat myself once again… Watch. What. You. Say. Online!. It’s not that difficult, people. Stop signing into Twitter when you are drunk, stoned, pissed off, depressed or whatever other emotional state you are in. It’s FINE to share things with your network. I’m not saying you shouldn’t. But if you cannot be both coherent and even – dare I say it? – NICE, then you have no business Twittering at that time. Take a step back. Think about what the hell you are frantically typing. Take a breath and then re-read what you’re saying before you hit that Send button, people.

I have said my fair share of stupid things in my life, some even recently I’m sure. However, I DO attempt not to alienate an entire gender with just a few words. I’m sure Ms. Fox knows that not all of us men are “retarded”. Many of us may be jerks, and some may even be downright assholes. But as a whole, did we really deserve that?

Palm vs iPhone

Andrew Norman sent me this note earlier today, and it was just too good not to share with you. He makes his case on why Palm is still a choice over the iPhone. Do you agree or disagree with this assessment and perspective? The following words are Andrew’s…

Some of the reasons for disliking the iPhone, even some of the important ones, have gone away over time, such as the abnormally high price both of the software and the service, both of which have reduced drastically (and I’ll have to give props to Apple for reducing the price of iPhone 3G to $200). However, I have a few thoughts on the iPhone, and after reading them maybe you will see why I opted to go with Palm instead.

It seems that the iPhone 3G fixes problems that the first iPhone should never have had. It should never have been on a 2G network, as other smartphones have been on 3G long enough that the iPhone should have started out that way.

Something that I think is even more important than that, however, is that it should always have had an office suite. I think I read somewhere that the iPhone 3G is going to have this feature, but this is something that should have been present from the very beginning. I honestly think that a PDA that cannot edit office documents is nearly useless except as a phone. A Walkman Slider, a non-smartphone, can play movies, music, send and receive email, and even browse the web (though the mobile version), but cannot view or edit office documents, and I think that’s the most important difference between a Walkman Slider and, say, a Palm Centro or an AT&T Tilt.

I’m not about to say that the iPhone is stupid, but I think it’s not nearly as revolutionary as Jobs seems to put on, if at all. The biggest advantage that the iPhone has over other smartphones (by far) is Safari, but after the public release of Skyfire that will disappear. After that, the only clear advantage is people who prefer the UI. 3G, GPS, mobile email, and most everything that the iPhone boasts has been on other smartphones for quite some time.

One of the more subtle disadvantages, at least in my opinion, is that the screen is not pressure sensitive. Multi-touch screens are good at times, but I don’t want to be putting my fingers all over my PDA, getting it smudgy all day. I like to be able to bring my PDA into restaurants with me and not worry about getting it dirty, and I definitely like not having to wipe the screen off all the time. I’m not the only one that sees this need, either; Thinkgeek.com has developed a stylus that can be used on the iPhone for people who think the same way. With the pressure-sensitive screen, however, I can use either my fingers or my stylus, whenever I desire. There are times that I use my fingers, like if I’m just pulling it out for a second and putting it right back, and times when I decide to use the stylus, like if I’m editing a document. And call me crazy, but I’d much rather have real buttons instead of an on-screen keyboard (and I say that having tried the iPhone keyboard).

I personally decided to go with a straight PDA instead of a smartphone because I didn’t want to deal with service issues, so I decided to get a Palm T|X, and I am very happy with it because it does everything I need it to (of course, that means I get neither 2G nor 3G, but for my purposes that works fine). At the same time, I do not think it is in any way idiotic to get a smartphone, and sometimes I have seen some of the features of my friends’ smartphones and thought I would like them (especially my friend’s beta version of Skyfire, which will unfortunately not be released for Palm or non-smartphones).

Documents-To-Go may be a fairly simple office suite, lacking many of the advanced features of a PC’s full office suites, but it is incredibly useful and I think one of the most important features of the Palm. Editing office documents is, I believe, the most important feature of any PDA, even over email and webbrowsing. What’s the point of having a computer with you wherever you go if it can’t perform very basic computer tasks? The most commonly used applications on my Palm are its office suite and its pdf reader, two things that I desired more than anything to bring with me anywhere. Of the two, the first iPhone had only the second. I edit documents constantly, including .doc files and .xls files. I use .doc files for many, many reasons, including taking notes while shopping around, creating lists of movies I want to see that I add to whenever I hear of one or subtract from whatever I see one, making personal notes, or even just writing down detailed outlines for ideas I’ll have for school papers or videos that I’m making. I use .xls files to reference my bank account instead of carrying around a check register with me. I’m also looking forward to a good mobile version of Photoshop or an equivalent (though it may be out there already; I haven’t really looked yet). I’d love Adobe Premiere on a mobile device, but I also realize that that’s very unrealistic.

I hope that this is something that you enjoyed reading, and, of course, I hope that it did not offend you as an iPhone user, especially since I do not think the iPhone is stupid.

Teaching You Tech Terms Today

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Just like the word espresso is often mispronounced, so are a lot of tech words mispronounced, and misused.

  • Palm Devices are not PalmPilots. Palm devices haven’t been titled PalmPilot in over 8 years now. It’s time to stop calling them PalmPilots. You can thank a lawsuit by the makers of the Pilot pen for this. They are to now be called Palm devices or Palm Treo, Palm V, Palm VII, Palm PDA, etc..
  • Cell phone’s aren’t cellular anymore. Most phone companies don’t use cellular technology anymore. Yet nobody uses the term “wireless phone”. Calling today’s wireless phones “cellular” is like calling a CD a cassette tape. Yes there are still some cellular networks, but why call a phone that doesn’t use cellular technology a cell phone? Heck, they often aren’t even a “phone” anymore. They are mobile devices. They do far more these days than to just act as a phone.

If you have other tech terms that you are trying to get through someone’s head, and they just aren’t listening? Send me an email or leave a follow up comment to let me know so I can share them with the world.

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