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Two More Justin Hillgrove Original Paintings

I don’t know why, but I’ve liked this artist from the very first time I met him (which happened to be the very first time I ever saw his artwork).

Seems that every other time I walk into @TwilightArt (in West Seattle), I see something of Justin’s. Last night, I became the proud owner of “Transplant” and “Beast of Burden.”

Justin Hillgrove's Paintings

I’m not the kind of guy who buys original art, mind you – I’m usually just fine with whatever’s in front of me. Justin changed all that.

Every Event Needs WeirdoCulture Art

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While strolling around Seattle tonight for Fashion’s Night Out, we came across some weird art – @weirdoculture art, to be specific. This stuff is seriously cool, and I’m trying to figure out how to get it home without anyone noticing.

I think it would look great near the front door. He could greet guests as they walk in! What do you think?

What Web Communities do Artists Use?

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I’ve long believed that creativity is the pinnacle of intelligence… to take something that is in your head and create something that the rest of the world can enjoy. It just doesn’t get better than that. I’m not creative in the least. I just sit here and talk and wave my hands around! Luckily, I have many friends who are creative.

So how do artists connect online? I’m glad you asked! A creative friend of mine recently started a new website called Artician for just this purpose. Artician is a new community for creative professionals! They make it easy for anyone to build, manage and customize their portfolio. They also promote and feature creative talent… showing your work to the World!

Upload your digital portfolio, and create a blog if you choose. Even if you aren’t someone who creates – you can explore those who do! If you’re a lover of art in any form, you can join this site and browse some amazing pieces of art.

Look at your walls… what’s on them? You may have posters or pictures you posted from a store. Why not put something original on your wall that was created by someone online. You may find a picture that just speaks to you on some level. That would definitely be something you want to purchase and frame.

Artician makes creativity come alive. Art should speak to you. What’s beautiful in your eyes may not be to someone else. That’s personal. You’ll find things that you find absolutely amazing on Artician, I promise.

If you’re going to check out any new site, take time to browse around Artician. Also, you can follow them on Twitter. Even you cannot draw or create, you can still support those who do!

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Christmas with the Pirillo Family (by Phone)

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Ponzi and I couldn’t travel to Iowa this year to be with my family on Christmas. Instead, we did a conference call on Christmas Eve with the gang, and recorded it for everyone to share with us.

You can see Ponzi and I, of course. On the phone, you can hear my Mom and Dad, and my brother Adam. Apparently, Adam is partaking in Mom’s Merlot wine, and she got after him about it. Growing up with these people was fun, to say the least.

The first thing they opened is a box of gizmos, gadgets and toys that I sent. Inside of it, they found two Annoy-A-Tron’s, two Spy Remote Controls, and two of the 8-Bit Ties. Dad was happy to receive these, and is so far refusing to give one of each to my brother. Adam is demanding his own set of gizmos!

Next up, Dad opened the package addressed to him that came from Amazon. He was tickled to discover that he got the helmet-cam he’s been wanting. It’s a camcorder that is specifically designed to mount to a helmet, motorcycle, car, etc. He’s been wanting one of these for awhile now, so he finally has one!

Lastly, Ponzi and I told them to open the canvas package. Ponzi is very excited about seeing their reaction. However, first we had to wait for Dad to get back from wandering about the house, and hear Mom yelling at Adam to behave himself. Finally, they opened the package, and you can hear Mom yell out “Oh my God this is AWESOME!”. We took a wonderful picture of Mom and Dad that was taken at our wedding, and had it printed onto canvas, to make it look like a painting. Also, the person who made this for us put actual brushstrokes onto the canvas by hand, to make it look even more like a painting. It turned out beautifully, and Mom and Dad love it.

Of course, Ponzi still needs to get the wedding album (and the 8×10) to Mom. She’s working on it, I promise!

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