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Facebook Adds an Unlike Button for Pages

I know that some of you are addicted to Facebook Fan Pages and need the help of a twelve-step program. Every time I log on, I am inundated with requests to become a fan of at least twenty different things. Up until today, though, you couldn’t UNlike something without going through several difficult hoops. Facebook has finally made it easy for us to quietly disassociate ourselves from pages we thought we liked in the past, but have outgrown or gotten tired of in the here and now.

If you decide that you no longer want to keep Squishy, just scroll on down to the bottom-left of the page and click the unlike link. Early reports today claimed that there was an actual button on the embedded fan box widgets.. However, as I write this I cannot find a single one. At least I am able to unlike something now, though, without have to perform miracles to do so. This is good news on the privacy front, as well. If you’ve inadvertently become a fan of something in the past that you aren’t sure you want the world to know about now (with the intro of Open Graph), you can quickly and quietly remove yourself.

Many fan page owners aren’t happy about this move. If you want to gain a large number of followers, you definitely don’t want it to be easy for them to leave. However, most users are quite happy with this turn of events. After all, our tastes and interests change and evolve often. Shouldn’t our Facebook pages evolve with them?