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Worst Blogger at Northern Voice

I attended Northern Voice, physically – but I’m afraid my brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders. For that, I deeply apologize to everyone there. NV is the one event I look forward to attending every year (not just because of its close proximity, not just because I love Vancouver, but because it’s my chance to meet friends and make new ones).

Since the week before our wedding in December, Ponzi and I have been running ourselves ragged with getting our new house in shape – not to mention, I’ve been juggling projects for the past couple of weeks (burning the Midnight oil). I can’t think of a single night in the past month when I haven’t hit the sack before 4AM. Ponzi decided it would be “wise” for us to pull an all-nighter, trying to get our various window treatments in place before heading up to Canada for Northern Voice. At its core, that was a great idea – because you’re seldom interrupted by external events in the middle of the night. However, it turned out to be a horrible idea – because I was running on Empty at the conference.

So, to my friends and loved ones at Northern Voice: if I came across as rude, cranky, mean, offput, or generally unbearable (beyond Pirillo-normal), I apologize profusely. I was, without a doubt, the absolute worst blogger at Northern Voice.

Seeing Seattle

We're enjoying the views of Bellevue here in Seattle; I hope to start exploring the local cities a little more in the new year. Ponz sent me links to Seattle's Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame and the Seattle Space Needle. Too cool! Yes, Seattle has definitely been a bit rainy – but today was a welcome exception to that rule. To celebrate, I took a few photos from our deck. Yes, that's really Mt. Rainier. And yes, that's really Bellevue below the moon. A few folks have asked for wallpapers of these Seattle images, so… okay.
If you can't travel to Seattle, try: a Seattle symphonya Seattle skya Seattle sighta Seattle sonnet. So, they're actually not Seattle – but the photos were taken while I was standing in Seattle!