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Thunderbird or Outlook for Email?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – I have been using Outlook since it came out in 1998. Until recently, I wouldn’t have recommended using Thunderbird, but that has changed. Both are good clients, but it depends on what exactly you’re looking for, and your preferences are.

The first email client I ever used was VMS. After that came Elm (via Unix), Eudora, Pegasus, and finally Outlook Express. When Microsoft Outlook became available in 1998, I switched to that, and have used it ever since. I currently run Outlook 2007 on Microsoft Exchange 2003 .

racedude from our live chat channel asked me today which email client he should be using… Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. He says that he doesn’t use any of the features that come with Outlook, he just reads email with it. Until recently, I wouldn’t recommend Thunderbid, as it seemed to have been left behind while Firefox was developed further. However, Mozilla has recently begun updating Thunderbird, and it’s a pretty good email client now.

Both programs will do essentially the same thing. Take a look at the features and previews of each, and see which better fit your needs and lifestyle.

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Backup, Transfer Outlook Express DBX

John Ratliff: “My sister is a missionary in Zambia, Africia and she’s home to visit our mother. While home her Dell computer (out of warranty) went on the blink. It powers up sometimes then dies. She bought a new HP notebook and she’s trying to get her Outlook Express folders from her old Dell over to the HP. Somehow she’s lost Outlook Express altogether on her Dell… do you know where the folders for Outlook Express reside on the hard drive? If she was to download Outlook Express again on the Dell, would it pickup her old folders or not?”

I believe you’re looking to transfer the DBX files – we posted a tutorial on how to back ’em up a while ago. Step through the process on the Dell, and then copy the files you find in that folder to the same location on her HP.