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Smack the Dock Stacks

Rainer Brockerhoff has come up with a wonderful solution to a new OS X Dock shortcoming. Quay:

Rainer Brockerhoff announces the first public beta of Quay, a utility that brings back hierarchical popup menus to the Leopard Dock. Quay is a simple app that brings back the hierarchical menus, but with several additional capabilities. You can sort menus by name, date modified, data created or kind. Optionally you can show small or large icons, see invisible items or browse into packages and bundles.

Quay is a public beta. There is no trial period, but only the first Quay item in the Dock will work until you register – registration will be enabled in the final version. The tentative price will be Euro 7 (about US$10).

Quay items are on the right (or bottom) side of the Dock, just like you’re used to. There are no apps running on the other side of the Dock; no extra distracting “running” lights. It uses the system’s Dock, not a secondary palette or window.

Quay is a simple Cocoa application. You run it just to configure a popup item in the Dock. For the popups, it runs an on-demand background tool that uses very little CPU time and memory. Quay does no magic. It doesn’t hack the Dock in any way, and calls no private system interfaces.

Qwe qthink qthis qis qinda qool.