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Are Traditional Magazines Dead?

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If you’re anything like me, you consume a lot of your news online. However, I also happen to still enjoy reading print magazines and newspapers. I know – that comes as a shock to you. It’s true that much of my life is lived online these days. But that doesn’t mean I cannot possibly tear myself away from the screen occasionally and go back to basics. Many of you are likely shaking your head right now or trying to figure out how to ignore me the next time we meet in public. After all, you wouldn’t want to be associated with the dude who enjoys flipping through a paper book that came in the mail!

Magazines try hard to stay relevant… but even I have to admit that they may be going a bit too far. In an issue of Wired magazine that I happen to have, I couldn’t help but notice the ads that literally jump off of nearly every page. They go far beyond simply trying to sell me a product: they are trying to sell me on the magazine itself. The actual advertisers are reaching a bit far in their attempts to lure me in, as well.

In this issue, Samsung had added an extra little “addendum” to Wired in order to promote the new (at that time) Galaxy S phone. The addendum was slick and full of informative little articles. However, they also included a huge picture of an iPad along with the top must-have apps. Wow. Can anyone explain to me how – exactly – the iPad happens to fit in with the Galaxy S? Samsung knows that the iPad is one of the hottest selling gadgets on the market. They included that particular little piece in order to convince all of you iPad owners that you want a Galaxy S smartphone on the side. It’s slick, I’ll give them that.

Do you still read print magazines? Which ones do you subscribe to, and what draws you in each month? I’m interested in figuring out how many of you still read traditional print media – magazines, newspapers and even books.

How Will the End of Print Journalism Affect Pack Rats?

How Will The End Of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers?

I had to embed this on my blog… it’s fabulous!

With so many newspapers struggling financially, some people fear for their future. However, if print media dies, what will old loons do with all of their hoarded papers? Where will they go? Will our landfills overflow with useless paper, or will our air become toxic due to all of the burning?!

Let’s hear your thoughts. What should the pack-rats do with all that paper?!

Do You Google the News?

A report released today says that about 44% of Google users simply skim through news headlines, and never click through to read the full stories. The report goes on to predict the continuing decline of print news in favor of being able to get it online. This doesn’t come as much surprise to me – or anyone else, really.

However, I don’t agree that that many people never bother to click through. Sure, I scan headlines, much like the rest of you. However, if something catches my eye then I cannot stop with just a few sentences in a Google search. I have to click through and read the rest of the article. I have a feeling most of you are the same way. The article states that 2,787 US news consumers were polled. That’s fine… but who did they poll? How do we know that very tiny number of the population truly represents us all? I don’t agree that they possibly could.

What are your thoughts? Do you turn to the Internet for your news? Do you scan and go, or click and read? What other sites do you enjoy reading articles on, to find out what’s happening in the World around you?

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I recently attended the WTIA Fast Pitch Forum & Technology Showcase. The conference featured two dozen of the of the hottest technology companies in Washington presenting their business in a competition for “Best In Show”. Konnect was one of the presenters. They are the only social media platform designed for local newspapers.

Konnects is a social media platform designed for online publications, magazines and newspapers to bring interactivity to your organization’s website. Their platform is easy to deploy and their solutions team can assist you in getting your online community up and running quickly.

Choose the colors, fonts, and banners to give your online newspaper community a unique look and feel that matches the branding of your organization. Each Konnects powered online community comes with its own email importers to allow your members to grow your audience base for you. As your community grows by word of mouth, so will your brand recognition, marketing opportunities, and ability to generate additional revenue.

If you are a part of an online news source, consider checking out Konnect. Don’t get left behind in the ever-changing world of the Internet… and the way we consume our news.

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