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Web Browser Games

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I consider myself an extreme casual gamer (which is why I spent this weekend at home playing Web games instead of rubbing shoulders with stinky geeks at PAX across town). Not sure if you’d heard of these two in particular, but I’d be surprised if you had – unless you were following me on Twitter and Facebook, then you would have found out about these two and a helluva lot more long before this video was uploaded.

Scrabb.ly was created by a Seattle-area developer in less than twenty-four hours’ time. This is a very cool MMO word-game where you continue to build words on tiles.

Swarmation is another online multi-player game where each pixel is a person from somewhere in the world. The idea is to get everyone to work together to form the specified design within the time period allotted. You have to collaborate to score points.

Both of these games tie back into Node Knockout. The idea of this particular endeavor was to bring developers together to build on Node.JS to build things based on JavaScript. The list is seriously extensive if you scroll through to take a look. There are a ton of games and services.

If you have browsed the list at Node Knockout and have found something I might like that wasn’t reviewed in this video, leave me a link in the comments section. I’d hate to miss out on something else I can get addicted to.

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Do Women Game More Than Men?

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It’s true: The New York Times reported on Sunday that Women are starting to outpace men in online time with social networking, instant messaging, and other communications. The most shocking one is online gaming! Will we see women take over gaming in the next few years? Lamarr chose to do his weekly video about this topic, and is curious to see what your thoughts are.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to learn that women are more social than men. Hello! We already knew this. Women spend about 1/3 of their time online socializing, while men only spend about 1/4 of their time. What’s even more interesting is that women over the age of 45 had the largest growth recorded in the areas of photo sharing, shopping online, using social networking sites and talking to others via instant messenger applications.

The shock comes in when you read on and find out that women over the age of 55 spent the most time gaming online over every other age group (and gender!) – by far. Remember that we’re not talking about playing the Xbox or PlayStation, folks. We are looking only at online gaming – and older women are way ahead of younger male and female counterparts in this area.

It’s interesting to see in the article that nearly as many women as men visit online gambling platforms. The story also claims that about half of men visit adult-themed websites – but nearly 1/3 of women do, as well! Upcoming Gnomedex speaker Violet Blue will be proud to see that.

Overall, there are more men who play games. But – women tend to spend more time playing. Do you respect women gamers, or do you feel that they cannot compete with men? Did Lamarr just light a fuse?

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