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Online Dating Tips

A geek in our community asked this question: When is a Good Time to Start Dating? While I don’t know if there’s ever a “right” or “wrong” time, I thought I’d at least share a few random tips related to online dating that I had once shared with a private Facebook group:

Online Dating Profile Tips

  • Are you dating to find a mate or a casual fling? Be clear in communicating your intentions up front (especially in profiles). And, in some cases, you could be broadcasting the wrong message inadvertently! Know why you’re choosing to find a date. I must thank the genius of Alison Armstrong for this nugget.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell the world what you know you cannot handle. Trust me, you’d only be turning off people you wouldn’t want to be with in the first place. This is what is so entirely counter-intiutive about dating – you put your best foot forward instead of your real foot. Don’t cause someone to fall in love with an illusion of you only to be… disillusioned, inevitably.
  • Even though it’s the truth, I’d recommend against sharing your income level in any capacity. Throwing numbers out there could only serve to attract someone who… is looking for your financial security. That would be an automatic #FAIL on most counts.
  • Be wary of “beautiful people” who aren’t terribly selective in who they’re seeking. Either it’s spam or it’s someone who has never bothered to think about what they want. If someone doesn’t know what makes them happy, they’ll fail in every single relationship (or have a rocky go of it, at least).
  • If you’re struggling with writing some kind of profile for an online dating site, think of your own top 10 quirks. For example, I might say: “When I was a kid, I couldn’t eat my bag of MnMs before they were first separated into color piles.” Yes, it’s true for me – but that also provides a potential date a starting point for a conversation / email. Posting trite sentiments like “I’m looking for an honest guy with a good sense of humor” is impossible to address.

Online Dating Photo Tips

  • When we see you’re holding the camera high above your head and/or stretching your neck out, it’s usually obvious you’re trying to obscure what you perceive to be a weight issue for yourself.
  • When we see you’re half-naked, you’re likely either vain or image-conscious. If you’re near a body of water, it’s passable – but also stands to be a potential turn-off to someone who would like to know you for your mind (with your body in tow). Again, if you’re looking for a hook-up, this would be a prime indicator that you’re down for play.
  • When we see you sipping a glass of wine, you appear sophisticated. When you’re chugging a can o’ beer, you just look like the town drunk. Which image of yourself would you rather portray?
  • When we see you in nothing but group shots, we see that it’s impossible for you to be alone. Or, that we have to pass a series of “friend tests” to get closer to you. Moreover, you also run the risk of us perusing your friends’ faces and wondering if they’re single, too. Just sayin’.
  • When we see nothing but distant, darker photos, we get the feeling that you’re hiding something. Don’t. You wouldn’t want to meet someone in person from 50 feet away, would you?
  • When we see you’ve taken a photo of yourself in the bathroom mirror, we think… ewwwwww! Assumedly, next time, you can get a friend to take your picture for you.
  • When we see photos in your profile that illustrate scenery or landmarks, we wonder why you’re not sanding in them? They may have been places you’ve visited, places you’d like to visit, or… who knows.
  • When we see you flashing the same facial expresion in each image you’ve uploaded, we wonder if you’re real. Do you always smile like that? Are you always so serious?

Do you have any online dating tips to share with the community? Jump right in!

Who Do You Like a Little?

Holy viral new website Batman! Like a Little is a new anonymous flirting website that has taken the Intertubez by storm. In less than six weeks online, the site is already pushing more than twenty million views. According to the team behind the venture: “In just 6 weeks since launch, we have over 20M page views (now over 1M a day and growing fast) and hundreds of thousands of daily uniques. Our virality index is higher than Facebook’s in their fastest growth stage.”

The site works by letting you post flirty little descriptions and comment anonymously (or you can register for an account and log in). Being able to post under anonymity is likely a large reason why the site has become so popular. What keeps people keep coming back to Likealittle is the compulsion to check the discussion around their updates and comments.

Users can also send and receive messages and take down any comments or updates they feel are abusive just by confirming their school email address. To keep up the positive environment, all randomly generated usernames are fruit-based like Apple or Banana. Every time you reply anonymously in a new thread, you’ll be assigned a different fruity handle.

We like to think of the site as a flirting-facilitator platform (or FFP, for advanced users). Basically, the site was made to allow you to compliment and chat about potential crushes you see around you. We are releasing it after 12 years… or was it 12 hours?… of hardcore development, in part to try and help me with my lack of game with women.

This venture is aimed at mostly the college set. What better way to take the social pressure off of meeting someone than by removing looks and physical awkwardness from the equation? Is this something you might be using in the near future?

Are You a Facebook Lover?

This is far from the type of tech stuff I normally try to post. However, it’s epic and hilarious. I couldn’t help but laughing and shaking my head as I listened – for the tenth time. I admit that I’m now singing along to the “Facebook Lover” song!

Tyler Ward is a heck of a musician. Check out some of his other stuff. Someone seriously needs to sign this guy to a record deal… along with his “usual” singing partner Julia Sheer.

This particular song was written by Tyler and his friend Krista Nicole. The pair was taking a break during the recording of her new EP.

Well done, guys. I’ll be listening to this over and over, for sure. It makes me smile!

Are Most Dating Websites Scams?

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You probably don’t want to meet someone who is talking like their brain has temporarily taken a vacation. You take that chance if you meet someone online, and/or through a dating website. There are some dating sites that aren’t quite on the up-and-up. Some of them want your credit card before you can even create a profile for yourself. That, to me, seems to be not-so-legit. You have to be wary of the type of site you choose to look for your future love on.

You want a good online dating experience, right? You might remember the interview we did with Kevin Carmony a few months ago. That conversation was mostly about Linux, but we did discuss his newest project, as well. Kevin is the CEO of Dating DNA, which is what I wanted to talk to you about today.

Dating DNA is the Internet’s central nervous system for online dating. Its patented technology encapsulates all your dating information into a single 9-digit number (i.e. 254-736-844), allowing you to privately integrate all your dating information across the Internet’s social graph. Dating DNA lets you generate 1-click compatibility scores with millions of other people at websites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Craigslist, and hundreds more.

Every day, more and more people are using social networking sites to find new people to date. Utilizing these sites is free, and provides a more natural way of meeting people than traditional dating sites. Dating DNA is the first service to address this trend, by bringing the convenience of sophisticated matching tools to these new social networking avenues.

Dating DNA is honestly a 100% free site! When you fill out your profile, you are creating your DNA… unique information about you. You are given a pin number. Other people who may be interested in you can put in your pin number, and find out how well you match up to each other, based on the answers you have given. This is certainly different than what you are likely used to, which is a good thing!

They’ve made this as clean and easy as it can possibly be. It’s even fun to fill your information in, and check out other people. There aren’t even any ads on the site, which is a relief! Go check out the site, browse some ads, and found out what your Dating DNA is today.

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Find Love Online

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Ponzi believe in online love and you should too.

PlentyOfFish.com is a free online dating site that has figured out to be cupid. A guy who knows how to write algorithms observed what people do and realized that listening to what people want may not be the best thing for them. So, he looks at what people actually click on – what they like – and recommends relationships based on their actions instead of what they directly input into a form.

Chris thinks you can fall in love with the idea of a person online, but that spark isn’t really there until you meet them in real life and get to know them face to face.

What do you think of online love? Can you really fall in love online?

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My Silicon Valley Chest

Guy would never hire me. And you know what? I’m fine with that. I stayed up all last night crying my eyes out – wondering why Mr. Kawasaki never talks about my chest. Today, those prayers were answered in tip #11 of Everything You Wanted to Know About Getting a Job in Silicon Valley But Didn’t Know Who to Ask:

Confess your sins. If you did something stupid in your past, the company will find out, so it’s better if it finds out from you rather than from a search on the Internet. A tech entrepreneur once told me how he rented out his chest as a billboard and made $2,500 (it’s a long story). A woman that he met on Match.com found this out, and it was an issue. If a date can find this stuff from your past, you can bet an interviewer will. Hopefully, this makes you think twice about the stupid things you’re tempted do on MySpace.

Yes, it was stupid – but I refuse to take my chest off the Internet until someone pays me a million dollars to do it. Guess we’ll just have to live with the horror, eh? Guy is right about thinking twice before you put something (anything) online. Wanna know the truth? There’s a happy ending. I started renting my chest years before Ponzi and I met.

She found my profile on Match.com late one night and sent me a response almost immediately. It took me a day to get back to her, but I was sure to pass along my AIM handle for quicker correspondence. It wasn’t too long before we started to blast messages back and forth on IM. Within the first ten minutes, she asked an innocent question:

You don’t have any naked pictures of your chest online, do you?

WTF?! Did she know me? I really didn’t want to date someone who watched me on TechTV, read Lockergnome, etc. She asked this question because (apparently) a lot of guys upload “studly” photos of their greased-up chests to dating sites. I, however, didn’t realize this – as I never peruse male profiles. To her query, I responded:

Do you know who I am? 🙂

Now, Ponzi took this question differently than the way I intended – as if I was asking: “DON’T you know who I am?” She said she didn’t know who I was, and so I sent her a link to RentMyChest.com. If she didn’t laugh, I’d have to throw her back into the sea. Long story short: we met the next day and have been with each other ever since.

If someone doesn’t like my chest, then I don’t need them in my life. Guy referenced my chest without naming me, specifically – but I’ve had ten friends send me the link in the past half hour. Are there really that many tech entrepreneurs renting their chests online?! I think Guy was afraid his Technorati ranking would dip if he made the correlation. No matter, I’ve cleared about $10k with my chest so far – and that number is steadily climbing. Not so stupid, eh?

Oh, by the way: Guy might be speaking at the next Gnomedex…