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Change Your Eating Habits with Fooducate

Do you know how much sugar is actually in that cereal your kids are begging for? How can you quickly and easily determine the amount of bad fats vs. good fats in the latest diet bars to hit the shelves? The supermarkets are full of choices these days, but are you making the right ones? Fooducate is here to help you be more informed and to help you get healthier.

The iPhone app will allow you to scan the barcodes of more than 200,000 food products at any local store. You will instantly be able to see how nutritious they really are. Shoppers will learn the WHOLE truth – as well as recommendations for healthier alternatives.

Fooducate gives every product a letter grade, much like on a child’s report card. You’ll also find brief explanations and warnings about that product’s nutrients and ingredients. You will find out what it is that the manufacturers may not want you to notice, such as:

  • excessive sugar and sodium
  • tricky trans fats
  • additives and preservatives
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • controversial food colorings

Fooducate’s mission is to help millions of shoppers choose healthy, tasty, and affordable food, and to affect positive change on the food industry. This free app can help you get healthy – and stay that way.

How to Stay Healthy with the iPad

These days, the population is more health-conscious than ever before. Not only do we take care of ourselves better, we also take control of our healthcare. We question our providers. We research our fingers to the bone so that we understand what they’re telling us. We research to help find possible answers and treatments to suggest to our doctors.

Being able to have a wealth of health and medical knowledge at our fingertips is almost essential. That’s why the Carter’s Encyclopaedia of Health and Medicine app for the iPad is sure to be a huge hit with many adults.

The encyclopaedia was designed specifically for the iPad. It features 1,800 pages and more than 12,000 entries. The app moves beyond the limits of a physical book with a full text search, an interactive body diagram, browsing history and adjustable font size (like adjustable bed bases).

This app will cover definitions and explanations of most of the medical terms and health conditions you will likely ever need to know about. It is even detailed enough to contain most of the information a nurse or paramedical will need in their daily work life. It’s written in an easy-to-understand format so that it can be used by anyone with a basic high school education. You don’t need medical experience or training to make use of this app.

Carter’s Encyclopaedia of Health and Medicine will be available in the app store as soon as the iPad is officially released for an introductory price of $9.99. Credit to TUAW for surfacing this app.

Can Fast Food be Healthy Food?

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Vital Nutrition was a recent presenter at Live Pitch 2008 in Seattle. Vital Nutrition provides nutrition planning for consumers. They also prepare these meals in a fast-food style restaurant.

Vital Nutrition

  • Business Category: Retail
  • Founder: David Blanco
  • Inspiration for Product/Service: Traveling for a living, finding it hard to prepare my normal healthier meals in hotels; I realized there is no honest healthier fast food alternative. Beyond the need for the meals; I realized the need for consumer education (at the time, myself) and nutritional planning for general health as well as sickness and disease prevention through everyday, accessible nutrition.
  • Target Customer/Audience: Families, Cancer patients and survivors, as well as other nutrition-sensitive people seeking detailed nutrition planning and meal preparation on the go.
  • Synopsis of Product / Service: Vital provides nutrition planning for our consumers. Further, we prepare the meals designed through our nutrition planning in a quick-serve restaurant setting.
  • Main Company Contact: David Blanco

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