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Make Your Life Easier When Working With Text

If you are working with text material frequently on the computer, you really should consider a text editing program. One that we recommend is created by a long-time supporter of Lockergnome. It is an award-winning software program from Eric Fookes called NoteTab. This program has won numerous awards and it is recognized as one of the very best text and HTML editors available.

We are very careful to put programs that we recommend through a vigorous assessment process. We use it and have people with varying skill levels evaluate it for us. The assessment process for Eric’s program goes far beyond the normal review process. There are Gnomies we know who use this program every day for all their text editing – and they have used NoteTab for years. One long-time NoteTab fan likes using the multiple text document feature. Think of it as a text editor with a tabbed browsing feature. People are truly loyal to this program, and they would not be without their NoteTab.

Perhaps you have not been exposed to a great text editing program. You need a text editor because it is essential for organizing your work and, at the very elementary level, it saves you time. This probably has happened to you: on some email correspondence or blog comment, you spend time composing and putting down your thoughts in exactly the way that you want. You hit “send” or “post” and something (or nothing) happens. The browser tries to work… and then there is an error. All that work is gonelost! If you use a text editor, all you would do is go back to the text editor and copy your work again. Then you can try to paste it in the email or blog a second time – without having to rethink and redo the whole process again. A good text editor makes it easy to save all that work.

For the students out there, this will help you organize your term papers, lecture notes, and library research. This will help in pulling material together in an easy, simple, efficient manner. You know that even after a month of school, the material is becoming overwhelming. And if you are not the most organized person with your text material, this definitely will help.

There are really too many features to this program to mention adequately. It really is one of the best text and HTML editors available.

Eric is allowing our readers a special, time-limited discount on his programs:

This offer expires on October 14, 2009. NoteTab can be used on all Windows versions, as well as OS X / Linux in conjunction with Wine.

If you are doing text work, your editor should really be a tool that makes your work as easy as possible. NoteTab does that and you will find that it is the program that you will want to have when doing any writing.

How to Edit Text Documents on the Web

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I have yet to find a text editor that is the one to beat all the rest. None of them are perfect, so I try them all. On OS X, there really aren’t many I’m impressed with. However, there’s another option – on the Web!

ecoder is an open-source, web-based text editor. It includes a file browser, file uploader, and tabbed system to allow multiple files to be edited at the same time. Keyboard short-cuts lend it the feel of a locally installed application.

All of your basic text-editing commands are available. But what makes it so unique is that it has syntax highlighting. You’ll see the different colors as soon as you input your document. This makes it much easier for you to do what needs to be done. It’ll help you detect any mistakes in your code if there are any.

You might be working away from your own computer, and need access to check your code. Why not just flip open a browser, throw your file in there, and carry on about your work? Check out ecoder the next time you need to edit a document.

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