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LEGO Ninjago – a Go or No?

I believe we’ve all experienced the pain of “LEGO foot” – not realizing there’s a rogue brick on the ground before our socked or bare feet can discover it. You know who put it there? No, not your kids – and not any self-respecting Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL).

The ninja.

To combat this daily threat under which we all live, LEGO has seen fit to unleash Ninjago. While they claim it’s for nothing but battle fun, I believe the Ninjago characters are here to protect us from the truly evil forces of random floor pieces.

Each Ninjago minifig runs around $10. I picked up my first set a few months back, but didn’t bother to blog or do a video on the collection. Each one comes with a spinner base, set of weapons, cards for additional play, and the minifig with accessories (itself).

I’ve never been a CCG player (not even when they were all the rage). LEGO seems to be a few years late onto the scene, but that didn’t stop them from crafting a complete experience around this part of the LEGO universe. Me? I’m not so interested in the Ninjago collectable cards – or the sets, really.

In recording this video and looking at the corresponding cards for each Ninjago LEGO character, I quickly came to realize that I think my skeleton Ninjago minfigures didn’t come with the corresponding head gear (as seen on their card). Maybe this was a fluke? Intentional? I’m certain I wouldn’t have chucked the LEGO accessories – and certainly not three times over, with each of missing pieces belonging to the three skeletons in the original series release. I believe this was an oversight – likely a discrepancy in whoever was tasked in creating the (admittedly-wonderful) card art.

I’m likely to continue collecting the Ninjago minifig sets, although I’m not inclined on buying similar-looking minifigs at the $10 price tag. As noted in the video, there are some “DX” Ninjago LEGO characters which appear to be nothing more than alternative versions (much like the skeletons). There are some variations, but not enough for me to think I’ll ever own all of ’em.

Ask a Ninja is Back and Ready to Roll

The ever-popular Ask a Ninja is finally finished with his Va-Kill-tion and ready to bring back his daily show. He states that his time off “was great, except for the part about accidentally killing the economy. My bad.” Fans already know the Ninja can punch through steel, slow his heart rate to appear dead, and has the stamina to fight for days and days and days. The new weekly lineup delivers all those standard stealth maneuvers plus a few new tricks.

Mondays will bring Death by Monday, where the Ninja showcases some of the best content around the web. Tuesdays will be Ask a Ninja day, where he answers questions from all of you. Wednesdays are The Vault days, with the Ninja showing off a new show format in the Ninjaverse or a classic episode. Thursday brings the Sketch Laboratory with experimental sketch comedy from the minds behind the Ask a Ninja brain trust. The week wraps on Friday with The Stare, the Ninja’s weekly roundup.

I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready to get my Ninja on.

Our software center is full of ninjas, pirates, and every other type of game you could possibly ask for!

Are You a Ninja?

According to research conducted at both Facebook and LinkedIn, an increasing number of people have job descriptions that include the word “ninja” in the title. Both sites have in-house researchers who look at all of the junk that is posted on their respective sites and then try to make sense of it. That is a job I definitely wouldn’t want to have.

According to the chief scientist for LinkedIn, “From 2002 to 2007, there was an increase in job titles using the word “ninja” to designate a position requiring a high level of skill. “Evangelist” and “guru” were other titles that rose during the same period, although guru has since dropped in popularity.” Perhaps someone who decides they are the newest social media god (or goddess) will now call themselves a “Social Media Ninja.” Ohhh I know! Maybe Gordon Ramsay is a Kitchen Ninja!”

Are you a ninja?

You don’t have to be a ninja to grab the latest software and apps we’ve been able to find for you.

Are You a Geek, or are You a Ninja?

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You’re either with us… or you’re one of them. For centuries, a silent war has been waged between two groups of people. Each group is very proud, very skilled, and very intelligent. This war has not been publicized in mainstream media. Not even the bloggers have talked about it. But this is something that means something to me, and should mean something to you. If you are a Geek, if you have Geeky things, or even if you just identify with the word Geek… this should be important to you.

I’m going to share with you a website that has been years in the making. I hope you’ll appreciate what we’ve done. Many people have died over the building of this website. As we were trying to get it completed, something would happen. Tonight, I’m taking a stand while I’m sitting down, because the other group started it. The Geeks are at war with the Ninjas. Are you a Ninja? Are we Ninja? Or are you Geek?!

I know you may think this doesn’t matter, and that it’s just another one of my silly games. No! We have a website, and a domain. That means we’re taking it seriously. Geek Vs Ninja asks one simple question. Which one are you? How do you register your vote? Simply join one website or the other. Right now, the Ninjas are kicking our proverbial asses. There are nearly 10,000 Ninjas, while there are currently less than 4000 Geeks.

Which one are you? If you are Geeky in any way, shape or form… you better make sure you join the site and help us to defeat the Ninjas, once and for all. You are going down, Ninjas.


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I Am Ninja. You Are Ninja. We Are Ninja Book.

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I realize I’m kind of ruining it for you, but I am the Ask-a-Ninja. You didn’t know that until now, of course. Not really… that would be someone else. The only way I’ve been able to embrace my inner Ninja is thanks to Kent and his crew from Ask A Ninja. You guys already know who I am. If you don’t, just Google the word Chris. I learned to be a Ninja courtesy of the new book The Ninja Handbook.

After much debate and in a spirit of morbid amusement, the International Order of Ninjas has chosen to produce The Ninja Handbook, the first-ever secret ninja training guide specifically designed for the non-ninja.
Most non-ninjas who handle these delicate, deadly pages will die–probably in an elaborately horrific and painful manner. But whether your journey lasts five seconds or five days or (rather inconceivably) five years, all those who bravely take up this text and follow the tenets and trials laid out within will die knowing they were as ninja as they possibly could’ve been. For the true of heart or the extremely lucky, this powerful and honorable manuscript contains such phenomenal ninja wisdom as:

  1. How to create and name your very own lethal ninja clan
  2. The proper weapon to use when fighting a vampire pumpkin
  3. Why clowns and robots are so dangerous on the Internet
  4. Easy-to-follow charts showing when to slice and when to stab
  5. How to execute such ultradeadly kicks as the Driving Miss Daisy
  6. Why pretty much every ninja movie ever made sucks
  7. How to make a shoggoth explode using well-placed foliage
  8. What the heck a shoggoth is and why you’ll need to make it explode
  9. Death Aide certification

Remember: People do not take the Path, the Path takes people.

This book will save your life, even though the front of it says “This Book Looks Forward to Killing You Soon”. It will save your life, and help you kill other things! Release your inner Ninja today.


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Would You Like to be a Ninja?

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This, my friends, is my Ninja. This is the way of the Ninja – N+. This is a game that is coming soon to the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. It’s also available already on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. You can download it to your Mac or PC to try it out, as well.

In a futuristic world populated by inadvertantly homicidal robots, a lone ninja must use acrobatic skill and iron-clad guts of steel to survive in this fast-paced, balls-to-the-wall action-puzzle platform.

N+ features unique and freeing physics-based control, mind-blowing style, a built-in level editor and several flavours of sweet, sweet multiplayer goodness. Plus, save and view replays of high-score runs.

N+ virtually gaurantees a 38% increase in ninjas, robots, and your personal popularity. It’s time to show the world your inner ninja! So little to lose, and so much to gain.

Maybe you know of another game that’s similar to this, or even one that’s more fun. Be sure to let me know about it, and come visit us in our chat room. There’s always people there talking about gaming.


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