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Beth Goza – Nerd Craft: A Field Guide

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Beth describes herself as a gadget loving, game playing, movie junkie who reads, knits, and spends far too much time on the Internet. Emerging from the explosion of next-gen DIY movements, hand crafting revivals, and celebrating all thing geek comes a unique set of makers; the nerd crafter. Nothing is off-limits from the imagination and ingenuity of these crafters, who blend their passion for sci-fi, gaming, technology and all things geeky with their love of paints, fabrics, fibers and all things crafty.

Goza presented a Field Guide to the various families, genus and species of Nerd Craft and shows how sites like craftzine; events like the Renegrade Craft Fair, and communities like Ravelry connect and galvanize crafters who share a passion for fibery-arty-geeky goodness.

Her presentation was not only enlightening, it was also hilarious. The best part had to be all the men in the room silently groaning at the beginning, thinking they would die of boredom during a talk about things like knitting. However, Beth presented her discussion so well that she soon had the full attention of everyone in the room – men included – and much laughter rang loudly during the entire time she was on stage.

I still want some of those little Darth Vader things she made!

One of the best parts of her presentation is that she auctioned off some of her crafts. The proceeds were donated to Mark Horvath’s Invisible People project. Can you even think of a better way to show the Human Circuitry them at work?!

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