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Why Should You Buy an iPod nano?

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Just when you thought the iPod nano couldn’t get any smaller, Apple is introducing one that is 46% smaller! This thing is really tiny. They took away the click wheel, and have made the device into a touch screen. This is perfect for an entire set of people who want something small that they can take with them on the go. One big drawback is that there is no longer a camera on the nano.

I’ve never been one who felt the need to have an iPod nano. If you’re someone who values a smaller device, you should be quite happy with this. If you already have an iPod Touch or iPhone, it may not make sense for you.

Apple has an array of products that fit just about every demographic out there. There are any number of portable devices with varying sizes, styles and storage capacity.

If you want to touch your music, then the iPod nano may just be for you. How many of you out there have had an older nano? Were you happy with it, and are you interested in the new one?

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