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Apple iDontcare

From Thank Sucrets, a Steve Jobs fan site, comes news of a revolutionary service: Apple iDontcare. With this offering, users will finally be able to rent commercials through the iTunes Music store.

Instead of being forced to skip free commercials at home with a confusing remote control, iPod owners can now pay to borrow commercials and skip them with their friendly click wheel instead. This action has been heralded by experts as “a paradigm shiftâ€Â? in the way people are able to waste their money.

Apple has already filed a lawsuit against Thank Sucrets, claiming that Steve Jobs was deprived of the wind for his $90m yacht (due to the leak). iDontcare will continue to roll out at Apple’s WWDC, otherwise known as the “What Will Developers Chew?â€Â? conference.

Source: Apple
Domain: ThankSucrets.com

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