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Sir Mix-a-Lot: A Geek Who Loves Carz

Anthony Ray – better known as Sir Mix-a-Lot to most of you – is back in the music game in a very big way. His new video, Carz, debuted just the other day and already has about a kajillion views and downloads. The video itself is put together very well, and you cannot help but enjoy the eye candy (I’m talking about the cars!) found within.

I was invited to the launch party for this new debut. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend due to a prior commitment. I’m told that I missed one hell of a party. He apparently brought me some honeys. I’m still wondering why it is that the Sir would bring honey to a music launch party, but hey! Who am I to argue? Perhaps he wanted to have a little with his toast.

By now, you’re likely wondering why in the hell I am talking about a rap star on my tech blog, and why he would have invited yours truly to the party in the first place. It’s okay, I still wonder myself at times why I get invited to places that are out in public.

Anthony Ray isn’t just another musical genius – he’s one of us. His love of technology spans even longer than his music career. Many years ago, he started building amps and boards for others. This is where his original music passion stems from and what brought him to where he is now.
Show a fellow geek a little love this holiday season. Watch the video, and check out the single. Let us know what you think!

How To Create a Unique Music Video

This official music video for She Runs was taken from Tim Halperin’s latest album Make or Break. It was directed by Jonathan Combs and my friend Joe Childress. Not only is this a cool song, the video for it is seriously unique. It was shot as a “continuous shot” music video.

This is a single continuous dolly shot. There were no edits, despite what you may think when watching it. It only cost about $500.00 to shoot the entire film using a Canon 5D Mark II. It was meant to look stripped down like an elementary school play, and I think that they completely nailed that aspect of it.

The video received over 16,000 views in the first twenty-four hours, and has been featured on NYMag and DailyWhat. The sets were designed by Sarah Rogers and Brent Richardson. The song itself was produced and mixed by Brian Kieta.

Fantastic job, you guys! Keep up the great – and unique – work.

IZABO Video with iPhones

Funky band IZABO created their newest music videoOn my way – using a whole lot of iPhones.

Izabo’s music has been described as a “Brilliant, action packed combination of Psychedelic Rock, Disco, Punk and Arabic spices.” Featuring high-to-ultra-high vocals, twisting and expressive Arab-flavored guitar work, powerfully funky bass lines, arrogantly catchy keyboards and intense disco beats, Izabo have established themselves as one of Israel’s most absorbing live acts.

Their music is different and fresh… and a lot of fun to listen to. I dare you to play this video and NOT tap your feet or snap your fingers. I admit to some chair dancing.