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MTV Wants a Twitter Jockey – It Might as Well be You!

I want my M. Teeeeee. Veeeeeeeeeeee!

Okay, so I can’t sing the song very well. Who cares? This is pretty big news, and it’s an awesome opportunity for someone out there. MTV wants to hire what they are calling (for now) a Twitter Jockey. The company plans to pay 100 THOUSAND dollars to the person selected to fill this all-important role. After witnessing how the Twitter network blows up every time something “big” happens on the network, the powers-that-be decided they needed someone to handle this flow of traffic on a permanent basis.

The winner of this contest will hold the position of MTV TJ. They’ll get to attend red carpet events, mingle with celebrities, spend their days tweeting and bring home a very sweet paycheck. 18 finalists have already been chosen to compete, but it’s not too late for you to throw your hat in the ring. You’ll need to “Like” the ZYNC from American Express Page on Facebook. After you have done that, you’ll be able to nominate anyone on Twitter for this promotion – including yourself.

If you plan to enter – good luck to you!

You don’t have to enter any contests in order to get the latest software and apps for all of your devices.

Cancel Napster

Hey, Napster? Thanks for making it an absolute pain in the ass to cancel our account – yet another reason to abandon your service. I had to call a phone number to tell you that I wanted to quit. Why?

  • MTV’s new URGE service is far less problematic. Far less.
  • I really like the Clix, and URGE works better with it.
  • Napster’s software continues to suck.
  • You made me call a number to cancel service. I hate that. Really.
  • URGE is the future, Napster is still living in the past.

Windows Media Player 1l… is still far from impressive. Don’t swallow the hype when you see it, please? WMP11 is better than WMP10 – but “less crappy” is not an honorable benchmark. They continue to ignore user interface inconsistencies and feedback from Windows Media’s most ardent supporters – including MVPs, who were seemingly marginalized during 11’s development process.

Windows Media DRM is Corrupted

So, I’m getting ready for a trip to Colorado Springs for my future brother-in-law’s nuptuals. I figured I’d give the Clix a shot with Urge. I fire up the Windows Media Player and… blammo:

Your Windows Media DRM is Corrupted

“Your Windows Media DRM is Corrupted.” *sigh* I love DRM. It’s awesome. DRM is teh shiz. I want to make love to DRM, it’s so sexy. DRM is the ultimate. Give me more DRM. I want to spread DRM on my toast in the morning. I need DRM in my life.