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A Mess of Updates

  • Homeopathic should be called “Homeopathetic” instead.
  • Post-nasal drip is causing my stomach to churn.
  • Comcast is coming out tomorrow morning.
  • I’ve updated our Amazon Wedding Gift Registry
  • In three days, I’ll be lawfully wedded to Ponzi.
  • My email storage exceeded 100MB in less than a week.
  • I need to find a good, local office furniture store.
  • I think I ordered the wrong lenses for my video camera from Amazon.
  • Halls “sugar free” doesn’t taste like it.
  • There’s a mess of cables on my floor.
  • Our clothes are in desperate need of drawers.
  • I hope I can rig gigabit ethernet over this Cat 5e network.
  • Wicket keeps barking at random things – bark collar does not help.
  • I need to change Ponzi’s snail mail address.
  • Our house is pre-wired for sound (just needs speakers installed).

Another "Moving" Day

  1. The “moving” is actually finished now
  2. Unpacking boxes will take longer than expected – need help
  3. Ponzi’s starting to feel better
  4. I’m starting to get a post-nasal drip
  5. Spent too much at Target tonight for incidentals
  6. Have 2,000 emails waiting for me to address
  7. Pixie is snoring at Ponzi’s feet
  8. Wedding tasks kick into high gear tomorrow
  9. Ponzi is not snoring yet
  10. Completely forgot to take a shower today – oops
  11. Vista’s Windows Live Mail’s IMAP spam filter is rancid
  12. New refigerator, washer, and dryer (all LG) coming in the morning
  13. Ponzi didn’t put anything fun in our wedding registry

Moving Day is Tomorrow

Dude. We’re moving. Yeah, I know you know we’re moving – this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned that we’re moving. The point of this post isn’t to say that we’re going to move – we’re actually moving, and it all starts tomorrow morning.

We’ve been in a holding pattern, as has most of Seattle this past week (largely due to poor weather conditions); we were supposed to sign the final paperwork yesterday, according to my calendar. That’s happening tomorrow, before the movers come and move us – and remember, they were going to move us two other times before this one, so the conversation went something like this:

    Movers Move Moving

    We didn’t move this weekend. We were going to move, but didn’t – and I can’t tell you why we didn’t move until I know more. We thought we were moving, had prepared for the move, but didn’t actually move because of a major (read: pivotal) snag. Our house was prepared for the move, too. This was the second last minute change in plans – with the first last minute change shifting our track and direction just as dramatically. We have effectively, as movers, moved moving again. Would someone please stop this merry-go-round?

Moving Calendars

Jeremy Bencken, Co-Founder and CEO of ApartmentRatings, sent me an email this morning. He would make the 75th CEO to write me about his/her product this month alone. I had no idea I was so popular with Chief Executive Officers?! Jeremy was sure to include an official press release, but not before calling out a specific feature:

Today, we launched the first online moving calendar that integrates with Google Calendar. The calendar is designed to help movers organize the myriad details of moving. According to the Census Bureau, the most popular month for moving is July.

It works! Google Calendar wanted me to upgrade from IE7b3 to IE6… but that’s par for the course. I turned to the search engines to see if I could find other (read: more comprehensive) moving calendars. Best one yet is the Atlas Moving Day-by-Day Calendar. Gotta keep that URL handy, so I’m blogging it.