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Stay Warm at Your Computer via USB

Winter is here, and many of you out there are bracing for your first big snowfall of the season this week. It’s cold outside – bitterly so in some places. While I was surfing around the web today, I noticed a few geeky gadgets that can help you stay warm during the freezing weather… all of which are USB-powered!!

  • USB Mouse Pad Warmer – This cute little blue shark will keep your mouse pad – and your hand – nice and toasty! No more stopping to warm up your hand when it gets cold. Keep it warm in the shark, and increase your productivity and reaction times!
  • USB Slippers – I don’t know about you, but my feet never seem to stay warm in the winter. Even if I crank up the heat in the house, my feet still get cold! By slipping into these slippers, I won’t have to worry about it anymore!
  • USB Eye Warmer – Hey… eyes can get cold, as well! I’m not sure how I’d get much work done if I put these on while I was sitting in front of the monitor, but at least my eyeballs would be warm.
  • USB Lap Blanket – Ah HAH! Now this, I could really use! Plug this blankie into your USB port, and throw it on your lap (or over your shoulders). You’ll warm up in no time!
  • USB Heated Gloves – Actually, these suckers would be pretty sweet, as well! Keep your hands warm the entire time you’re working at the computer!

What other winter gadgets and gizmos have you seen out there? I’d love to hear about them!