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Does Your Home Need a Dropcam?

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Here I am taking a video with one camera of another camera here in my home. I think I have more security cameras in my home than anyone else in all of Seattle. The people behind the Dropcam state that their product is the easiest one to set up and begin using. I have to agree with that. The quality of it is actually extremely good, as well.

A Dropcam will make a great Internet baby monitor (no computer necessary!). Use it to securely share video of your little ones with grandparents and other extended family members. Use the camera to check on your pets while you aren’t home by using any Internet browser or the free iPhone app. It also would make an excellent business security camera.

As I said, there’s a free iPhone app available. Use it to watch your dropcam video from anywhere. All cameras linked to your account are accessible in the palm of your hand using either an iPhone or iPod Touch at no extra cost! There’s no extra equipment needed, either.

Dropcam will let you see what you’re missing when you aren’t there. It also provides an Internet DVR so you can go back and review what happened, and you’ll never have to worry about losing tapes or theft.

The camera doesn’t run on battery, so needs to be plugged into a wall. It’s an excellent system and can be built up to suit your needs with additional units.

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Play With a Kinect Demo in Microsoft Stores

The Microsoft Store announced via their Twitter account earlier today that the Kinect demo is ready to play with in their stores. Sadly, there are only four Microsoft stores in this country. If you don’t live close to one of them, you’re out of luck.

Kinect is a system that does away with controllers entirely, instead using technology to scan players, detecting motions as subtle as a smile or a frown. This is impressive, but the slight delay between movements and onscreen effect is something to be concerned about.

Are you looking forward to Kinect’s launch? Do you think this is a device that could change gaming forever?