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Hampton Inn Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.

When you’re just dreaming about something fun you’d like to be doing, you may as well aim high. Why settle for picturing yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies (to name just one example suggested by some wizard-bearded bloke in his pajamas)? You could be flying to Mars in a spaceship with one hand full of cake and the other… well, the other should probably be steering the spaceship! Scratch that. Why not skip the trip, teleport directly to Mars through some futuristic beam-me-down quantum technology wormhole gate thingie, and be able to breathe the air without a helmet? Your pet chinchilla could also come, but he would have to wear a tiny astronaut helmet just because it’s so darned cute.


Wait! I know. I’m going to aim even higher. Picture yourself with an entire Hampton Hotel (well, 100 rooms of it) for two nights of a wild weekend, just you and enough of your closest friends to fill it up. What the heck? Extend a forgiving hand of reconciliation (or conciliation if you were never friends to begin with) and invite a few enemies while you’re at it — you’ll have the space!

The nifty folks at Hampton are offering this very thing, all expenses paid, as a grand prize in the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes.

And what would you do with a luxury hotel full of people you like (and maybe don’t dislike too much) for a whole weekend? Kick that imagination into high gear again and think of the possibilities.

  • Biggest? LAN? Party? Ever?
  • Capture the Flag?
  • Play “What Would Keith Moon Do?” (I’m kidding. Please don’t. We like the Hamptonites and their magnificent indoor plumbing!)
  • Murder Mystery Breakfast Lunch Dinner Breakfast Lunch Dinner?
  • Mini-Gnomedex #1?

Worried that the fat cats down at the IRS are going to be drooling at how much they can sucker out of you for hosting such a lavish bash? Not to worry, because the grand prize includes $5,000 to cover those taxes.

Hey, even if you’re not lucky enough to be the grand prize winner, our generous Hampton friends are still giving away weekend stays for 100 first place winners and three of their friends, each (no, the 100 people don’t have to fight over which of their three mutual friends get to enjoy the prize with them. That would be silly, and this is dead serious).

Visit my sponsor: Chain-of-Friends Grand Prize

The Chain of Friends Sweepstakes is open to everyone, not just Hilton Honors members or those who have previously stayed at a Hampton. So enter! Get your friends to enter! Get people who only moderately like you but might invite you to come if they win at the prompting of their kinder friends to enter the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes!

If you do win either prize, though, I don’t know if you’re allowed to bring your pet chinchilla (astronaut helmet or sans astronaut helmet). You’ll have to check with the concierge.

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Hotel (dis)Honor Bar

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Staying in a hotel can be a pain in the arse at times. Sure, it’s nice to get away from home. Heck yes, some hotel rooms are nicer than your home. And of course it’s fabulous when you don’t have to clean up after yourself. No matter how many perks there may be, there always seems to end up being something to drive you absolutely bananas.

I love the convenience of Honor Bars in my rooms. I know – everything is more expensive than it should be when you grab it out of that little fridge. Let’s face it, though, the ease of access cannot be beat. Think about it: you’re up half the night working on a presentation for your keynote speech the next morning. You’re starving to death and the hotel restaurant closed hours ago. Why not reach for that candy bar or bag of peanuts? That’s exactly what I was attempting to do, people!

On my recent trip to help host the MacHeist presentation, I decided to grab something out of the Honor Bar in my hotel room. I wanted a snack! However, I encountered a slight problem…

Nothing I tried would allow me to open the door to get the dang snack! I even risked life and limb by throwing myself at it – still nothing! What the hell? What does a man have to do to get a snack in that joint? I have money. They even had my credit card on file. So it’s not like I planned to steal the damn thing. I just wanted something to eat!

I have a feeling I’ll not be staying there again.

When was the last time you stayed in a hotel? Did everything go smoothly and exactly as planned? What types of snafus did you run into? Were they things you are willing to overlook – or will you be changing locations the next time you travel?

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