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Stretch Yourself

It’s time to stand up and stretch. Get out of those chairs. Come on – you can do it. Stand up, and reach your arms above your head as high as they will go. Now bend over, and attempt to touch the ground (don’t worry, I can’t quite do that, either). Hold your arms out to your sides and stretch them wide. Heck, why not even twist a little to each side, much like a tree swaying in the breeze.

You have now successfully stretched out your body… but have you stretched your mind? I just stumped some of you, didn’t I? You thought for a second “what the heck, there are no exercises for that!”.

Ah, but that is where you would be wrong, my friends. Every time you read something, you stretch your mind. Every time you think a decision through, you stretch your mind. Every time you look at something through someone else’s eyes, you stretch your mind. Every tiny spec of information you absorb… you get the picture.

Many times, we don’t even realize that we have stretched our minds. We are so rushed through our day that much of what we have seen and done hasn’t even sunk in or made an impression by the time we pass out at night. It’s often much later, when a situation arises that forces us to recall certain pieces of information, when we realize “oh. wow. I knew that/learned that/remember that”. We forget to take the time to stop and marvel at everything that is out there, waiting for us to feast our brain on.

Spread your wings, little birds. Fly beyond your own nests and find those juicy little morsels that will feed and stretch your mind and soul.

Good Business Guidelines

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I’ve owned and operated my own business for many years now. For the most part, it’s gone very well for me. Yes, of course I’ve made mistakes. But… I’ve also made some excellent business decisions. I don’t see myself ever working for anyone other than myself again. I love working with vendors, helping people save money by passing along savings. I love the interaction from my community. This is just something that I truly love. I received the following email the other day, regarding business.

Recently, I saw the “Investment” video you posted, in which a 19 year old set up a business in Philippines. So i reckoned, now people know how to start up a business, why not teach them how to make it last. I’ve been looking into business since the age of 15. I have picked up tips and advice from businessman and women all over the world through different conferences. I have summed up ten values in which any organization should have in their organizational culture in order to last. I tried to do a top 5 list, but 5 just weren’t enough. Here are the 10 values:

  • Loyalty Always be loyal to your organization, employees and employers. This can help you in the long run with relationships with your colleagues, bosses and family!
  • Commitment This has always been one of the key values that drive a business. Recently, I’ve read your post on “How to Start (and KEEP) a Blog”. This also adds on to the facts on commitment to a certain task.
  • Respect Always have healthy respect for your bosses (positioned above you), your peers (beside you), and your subordinates (below you). This is achieved by having humility in everything you do. Humility is shown in the actions you do, the words you say and most importantly, your attitude. Always guard against sedition (elevating yourself to the position of whom you are working under).
  • Accountability Always be accountable! Whether to your bosses or colleagues. This is one of the things to watch out for in working in an organization. By being accountable, you are indirectly building up on your connectedness with others.
  • Family Never neglect your family members. Your relationships you have with them means more than your job post in the long run! Take time off from work to spend quality time, if not some time, with your family. Whatever happens at home can clearly be reflected in work performance.
  • Love Being a loving person is always beneficial to either yourself or others. Be forgiving, have mercy on the poor soul that just burst your blood vessels. It ain’t any good to yourself or the other party if there are any hatchets that aren’t buried yet. Having love in the organization results in better service in the case of service industries.
  • Faithfulness This can also include trustworthiness. If your clients don’t trust you, and your subordinates don’t trust your business plan, what is there left in your organization? Trust is essential in any business. Here are 3 things you have to be faithful in:
    • Little things (if you can’t be trusted with a small project, how can you ever expect to receive a huge project?)
    • Other people’s belongings (if you can’t even be responsible for your neighbor’s things, how can you be with your company’s?)
    • Finance
  • Hard work/Diligence Where will you get your profits if you don’t work hard? A start-up will always have it’s hiccups. But if you work hard enough, you’ll get guaranteed results.
  • Integrity Crucial! Always be truthful in your dealings and actions. No matter whatever losses you’ve made through truthful dealings, people will still trust you more.
  • Generosity Generosity begets generosity. If you are generous, even in small amounts, you’ll eventually receive the same treatment.


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