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Do You Want Your Own Face on a LEGO Minifigure?

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Yes, it’s true. You can finally find your face on a LEGO minifig head. Well, as long as you put in an order for one. You know I had to do it on-site, but since you likely couldn’t be at this year’s BrickCon with us, you can order your own online (if you’re so inclined). See, I’m not the only adult fan of LEGO (AFOL) out there!

They will take your photo, transform it into a minfigME face and then seal it onto an authentic LEGO head (in your choice of yellow, white, green, grey, sienna or flesh). Then they complete it in a finish that leaves it in totally able to play-with condition! They are quite sturdy, and make great additions to your favorite play-set or display collection.

I couldn’t resist having one of these made for myself. However, I may just have to get ones done for Wicket and Pixie in the very near future.

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