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LEGO is for Boys and Girls

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I was pretty young when I received my first LEGO set. There was no such thing as minifigs back then, unfortunately. Even though I’m an adult now, I still love to collect LEGO kits – and more specifically, minifigs. While visiting the LEGO store not long ago, I found a set a minifigs I didn’t already own. Each of the persons in this set just happens to be a female! LEGO bricks and figurines are not just for boys, y’all.

I even picked up a set of female minifig magnets. You can remove the magnet from the back fairly easily and line these up with the rest of your collection. I don’t know, though – these would probably look cool stuck on my filing cabinet here in my office.

It amuses me when someone cracks on me for being a grownup who happens to enjoy building things with LEGO bricks. Do I make fun of your hobbies? Is there nothing that you collect which may cause others to raise an eyebrow? Those comic books… it doesn’t matter if they’re worth money. They’re still comics! The bubble-gum trading cards… dude. Seriously? What about your baseball cards? I don’t care if Joe Di-whats-his-face signed it or not. It’s a CARD. How is that any better or different than what I choose to collect?

Usually our adult collections and hobbies reflect on our childhood in some way, whether it harks back to the way we were raised, or the things we took solace in. The same things that helped play a role in shaping the adults we would become also play a role in the things which interest us.

Are you a female LEGO fan? Which minifig sets am I missing? Send me an email and let me know!

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What is a Day in Your Life Like?

In conjunction with the “Life in a Day” promotion on YouTube, I decided to create a video about my life, and answers the questions put forth by the YT team.

  • What do you love the most? – More than anything in this world, I love the fact that I can be ME. I’m fortunate to be doing the things I love every day, and to be making money at the same time. Most people never have that chance, and I’m happy that I can do so. I have been creating content and making things happen online since before the word online was even coined! I’ve been reflecting more and more on good things in life, and trying to pay less attention to negatives in life.
  • What do you fear the most? – I fear losing the freedoms that I enjoy, including freedom to be who I am. I cannot be something – or someone – that I’m not. It’s not a part of my DNA. I don’t understand how people go to work every day in a job or career that they hate. My largest fear is that I could lose myself in something I hate.
  • What makes you laugh? – Nearly everything makes me laugh. I find it difficult to hold back laughter. Anything can be made funny for the most part. Laughter is an important part of my life, and should be an important part of yours, too.
  • What do you have in your pockets? – I happen to have LEGO MiniFigs in my pockets. With my birthday coming up, I went to the LEGO store and bought myself a few Star Wars LEGO kits for myself to play with.

What are your answers to the Life in a Day questions?

World Cup: England vs USA in LEGO

This fantastic piece of LEGO video art was featured on the Guardian website today. This clip shows the highlights of the England vs USA match during the World Cup in South Africa, including both goals.

Being in the U.S., I have to say I particularly enjoyed seeing our goal in slow motion at the end. The folks who created this short film did a fantastic job of depicting emotions – using only LEGO minis!

I’m starting to think that LEGO needs to invest in some new hairstyles and wardrobe choices. A handful of different facial expressions would be nice, as well.

LEGO Home Office

Adam constructed my office entirely out of LEGO bricks in his spare time. I think this is a pretty decent representation of what you’ll find inside my home office, don’t you?

This is a video tour of my office that I shot about a year ago now. Take a look at the various things you see in the video, and then compare them to Adam’s LEGO versions. Pretty close, eh? The only thing missing is a Chris Pirillo action figure sitting at the desk.

Great work, Adam. Thanks for sharing!

Prince of Persia LEGO Set

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I LOVE LEGO! I’ve put together several sets on my live stream before, and am looking forward to doing so again. Someone at LEGO reached out to ask if I would be interested in putting together a new set that isn’t even available in stores yet – the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (the Ostrich Race) LEGO set. My answer was but one simple word…


The coolest part of this particular set is not just that I get ostriches in it. This is the first time I’ve ever touched an ostrich. This set actually has a torso minifig. There’s no shirt on this LEGO guy. He has pecs and muslces. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be Jake Gyllenhaal character from the movie, but I would assume so.

Some of the features of this particular LEGO kit include:

  • Includes 3 minifigures: Dastan, Ostrich Jockey and Sheik Amar
  • Also includes a desert creature and 2 of the first-ever LEGO ostriches
  • Features movable gates and traps
  • Beware of the desert creature!
  • Turn Dastan’s head to change his expression!

When I was a kid, you had to pretend a lot when you built with LEGO bricks. I love that they are now co-branding with things such as Prince of Persia, Star Wars and even Toy Story. It’s seriously cool to see the way that kids can stretch their imaginations further.

LEGO is something I will never grow too old for. What about you? Are you a LEGO addict? What kits are you looking forward to building?

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Chris Pirillo Action Figures are Here

Chris Pirillo Action Figures

It’s time to collect your very own Chris Pirillo Action Figure! I didn’t come up with the idea, mind you – the company that makes ’em approached me a few months ago with an offer.

It’s $50 for a large Pirillo head and/or $25 for a small Pirillo head – or you can buy the heads with action figure bodies and accessories.

  • Military Brown – This set includes the action figure dressed in Military Brown pants, a belt/holster, a brown vest, black boots and a gun. Me with a gun is a scary thought, I know.
  • Casual – This is my personal favorite, since it’s how I dress every day. This version of action figure me is sporting jeans and a t-shirt, shoes, a belt and sunglasses. Gotta protect my eyes from that evil yellow ball, you know.
  • Indiana Jones – Go ahead, admit it. You’ve always wished you could be Indy! This Pirillo is outfitted with brown pants, shirt and shoes. I have a whip-cracking arm (complete with whip) and a tiny gun in a little holster.
  • Business Suit – The more professional mini-me is decked out from head-to-toe in a business suit, belt, shoes and power tie.

LEGO Minifig Me

As I said before, though: you can also choose to buy just the figure head alone, then place it atop any action figure you already own. Go on… turn me into Hulk Hogan, G.I. Joe, or Wonder Woman. (Please – let’s not. I was only kidding about the Wonder Woman idea)

Geek Action Figures

I have a feeling you’re going to want to collect them all. If you take a look at my live stream, you’ll see they have a place of honor on my desk – right in front of the camera. I think everyone likes looking at these even more than they like seeing my real face on the screen.

Imperial Geektrooper

Everyone has a little action figure inside of them. Let your inner hero shine through by checking out everything you can do on Thats My Face.

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