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Ancient Aliens Are Invading… LEGO?

As to how we wound up with consciousness on this globe, there are quite a few theories floating around. One such theory is that very long ago (like, long before Abe Vigoda), creatures from another dimension / galaxy / planet / universe visited Earth. I don’t know if this theory holds water, but it sure makes for some interesting television on the History Channel.

What do I believe in? I believe nobody has any idea.

But I, for one, welcome our new Alien Conquest LEGO overlords!

I had reviewed the slightly-larger collection of minifigs a few weeks back. I wasn’t expecting to get another one until this minifigure came as a bonus with another purchase. And the best part of that purchase? I didn’t buy it – someone else did, as a way to get me to look at his free product. It worked! Yes, you can get me to do just about anything for you if you buy me enough LEGO. It’s sad.

As I had plussed about earlier, Alistair Milne has written a free eBook on Startups. Courtesy of my Wish List on Amazon, Alastair sent me the the LEGO Millennium Falcon – now waiting in my home to be assembled at some point in the near future. This particular minfig came as a LEGO order bonus with the larger set.

So, that was my girlfriend’s first true LEGO kit review. It was a pretty simple construction, so we added a bit of conversation into the mix. I get the feeling, however, that my girlfriend’s choice of attire is distracting viewers from the subject at hand.

LEGO Minifigures Series 5 Review

I think I’d categorize myself as a person who has always loved the LEGO minifig. Mind you, I adore all bricks equally – but the minifigure has a special place in my heart (and permanently on my shelves). My first set did not come with a single minifig, though – since its delivery preceded the minifigure’s birth.

When LEGO released the first series of limited edition minifigs, I couldn’t believe my pegs. Of course, I had ’em all in-hand within a short period of time – and would have gone through hell and back to collect ’em all. I hoped they’d continue releasing sets from that day until the planet ran out of usable plastic.

And here we are with Series 5 in wide distribution! Like many AFOLs, I’m still quite disappointed in LEGO for ultimately deciding to obfuscate the minifig character identity pre-purchase. Without any tag indicating which minifig you’re holding onto, you either play the guessing game, finger-fondle its package to possibly identify a unique accessory, or you’re forced to scroll through eBay and pay obscene prices to buy the full set in one fell swoop. For the sake of sanity, I have opted for the latter.

To the buyer go the spoils of brick:

Now, I’ve also gone through the trouble of populating our new YouTube BrickTrix channel with individual minifigure spinarounds – in case you wanted to see more of any one of these series 5 characters. You can watch the LEGO Minifigs – Series 5 Playlist on YouTube itself, or you can just press play on any of the following embedded videos. I did my best to be comprehensive in taking a closer look at the minifigs, but even a one minute review seemed to be a stretch.

Clone Trooper LEGO Minifigs: an Army of Awesome

I am definitely not a fan of the prequels (or just about anything that’s come with them). Call me a purist, but I find my Star Wars sensibilities consistently gravitating around the characters and ethos of the original trilogy. Perhaps my perspective would be skewed the other way if I were only a couple of decades younger?

I’ve tried getting into the Clone Wars cartoons, but found myself feeling like I was a bit lost. Despite being a HUGE fan of the Force, I’m simply not the prime demographic for a comical Star Wars series. Give me something a bit more serious any day (with fantastic story, characters, and dialogue).

LEGO to the rescue! Yeah, I don’t have much of a bias when it comes to bricks – though that wasn’t always the case. I had walked past this particular minifig pack a number of times in the store. But when I saw it go on sale for around the $10 mark, I decided to pounce on it.

Let’s just see what we have in the LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack (7913), shall we?

There’s 1 clone commander, 2 new bomb squad troopers, and 1 new ARF trooper minifigure (the last of which happens to be my favorite of the bunch). You can assemble your own BARC speeder if you choose to follow the directions – but where’s the fun in that?

If you’re up to assembling your own clone army, this will certainly help. Line ’em up by the dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions! I’d be shocked if you made it over 100 LEGO clone trooper minifigs, but who am I to question your dedication to the Empire? Or, wait… were these clone troopers a part of the Old Republic before Palpatine turned pruny?

Upload your own LEGO-related video to our BrickTrix YouTube channel. May the Brick be with you!

Alien Conquest LEGO Minifig Abduction

You’re not going to believe this, but I woke up last night and found myself face-to-face with what I believe was a pair of alien beings. Even with these short creatures present, the room was eerily silent. I was frozen in fear – wondering if I had been selected for some kind of probe.

Turns out, I was just looking at a propped up LEGO minifig five-pack: Alien Conquest (853301).

While I don’t advocate truly abducting these minifigs, I would say that they should stand out in your collection. Not to mention, it would be awfully interesting to see these alien heads on the body of, say, a fairy tale character. That would REALLY disturb your sleep.

I’ve never been abducted by aliens, I’ve never witnessed a UFO, and I’m pretty sure the ancient astronaut theory is more cogent than half the belief systems on the planet – but these minifigures are a sure thing. I didn’t hesitate to snap up the pack, given that I hadn’t yet acquired an Alien Conquest set. $15 is a good going rate for five fresh LEGO minifigs. Impulse buy? Sure.

As I describe in the video, the LEGO store clerk was friendly enough to gave me a choice before buying this set – but the alternative was less interesting for me. Would you have decided differently? Watch and wonder:

Ultimately, I think I’m coming out of the bin as a minifig maniac. Not to say that LEGO bricks aren’t interesting enough themselves, but there’s just something wonderful about these little guys, gals, or things (if aliens don’t have a gender). Our blue-clad heroes are just a bonus. More than anything, I’m just happy to see LEGO producing minifig sets that collectors can truly enjoy – unlike the new LEGO magnet sets, which are still subject to a bone-headed corporate “solvent” decision.

No need to be green with envy, though – I’m sure there are plenty of Alien Conquest minifig packs to go around. Even if the idea of intelligent life on another planet freaks you out, don’t let that stop you from abducting adopting a few aliens. If they get hungry, just feed ’em the included lawyer minifig (actually, I don’t know if this minifig is a lawyer – I’m just saying that it looks like he’s ready to sue you).

LEGO Education Minifigs – Fairytale and Historic Minifig Set 9349-1

When I first discovered LEGO, there was no such thing as a minifig. We had to create our own “people” and “monsters” based on the bricks at our disposal. If memory serves, every one of my imaginary characters were red, blue, and yellow – to have black or white bricks was merely a dream for my playroom.

Then, LEGO made things interesting by starting to release minifigs – and I loved ’em from the word Go. Actually, from the word LEGO (to be precise).

I never would have imagined growing up and still appreciating the brick, but I sit before you today with quite a collection of minifigs at my fingertips. It’s not that I don’t appreciate every brick that can be clicked, but I’ve always been enthralled with miniature figurines from various playsets (LEGO or otherwise).

I tripped into the local LEGO store a few months back and saw the “LEGO Education Minifigs – Fairy Tale and Historic Minifigure Set 9349-1” and balked at the rather lofty $49 price tag. It wouldn’t be until my birthday when I would allow myself to spend that much money on a rather interesting (but not really all-that-unique) set.

I’ve seen witches, knights, and pirates before – and while I didn’t previously have a mermaid / merman set, I still wonder what possessed me to pick it up. Maybe it’s that I’m starting to fill out a new shelf of minifigs and I’m anxious to reach capacity? Who knows…

But, as always, these LEGO minifigs were fun to assemble. Not terribly educational, but… I wonder who would buy minifigs for education, anyway?

Do You Want Your Own Face on a LEGO Minifigure?

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Yes, it’s true. You can finally find your face on a LEGO minifig head. Well, as long as you put in an order for one. You know I had to do it on-site, but since you likely couldn’t be at this year’s BrickCon with us, you can order your own online (if you’re so inclined). See, I’m not the only adult fan of LEGO (AFOL) out there!

They will take your photo, transform it into a minfigME face and then seal it onto an authentic LEGO head (in your choice of yellow, white, green, grey, sienna or flesh). Then they complete it in a finish that leaves it in totally able to play-with condition! They are quite sturdy, and make great additions to your favorite play-set or display collection.

I couldn’t resist having one of these made for myself. However, I may just have to get ones done for Wicket and Pixie in the very near future.

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LEGO Minifigures Series 2 Unboxing

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I love me some LEGO! Don’t all geeks? LEGO isn’t just for kids, you know? I’m an AFOL – an Adult Fan Of LEGO. Nerds who build together, stay together!

I finally have my hands on the LEGO Minifigs Series 2 Collection and I had to show you all of the cool dudes and dudettes included this time.

  • Life Guard
  • Karate Master
  • Explorer
  • Disco Dude
  • Witch
  • Weight Lifter
  • Vampire
  • Traffic Cop
  • Surfer
  • Spartan Warrior
  • Skier
  • Ringmaster
  • Pop Star
  • Pharaoh
  • Mime
  • Mariachi

Each figurine will never be found within a LEGO set, and includes special accessories, display plate and collector’s leaflet.

I’m already looking forward to buying Series 3!

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