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How to Clean a Poop Stain

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If you have pets, you’ll want this gadget somewhere in your home. As every pet owner knows, accidents are commonplace (and sometimes, it is believed that the “accidents” are actually “purposefuls” if our pets are angry). If you’re still trying to rid those stains and smells with paper towels and spray cleaners, you’re living in the poop ages.

Whenever Wicket or Pixie leave me an unwanted surprise, I grab my Spotbot. It was designed with pet messes in mind. Fill the chamber with hot water and cleaning solution, and set it on top of the stain. Turn it on, and let it do it’s work. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new stain, or an old one. It will work, I’d almost guarantee it.

You can walk away and let the Spotbot do its job. I love Bissel for this little machine. I cannot believe how simple it is, and how much easier it has made my life with Pixie sick at the moment.

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A Mess of Updates

  • Homeopathic should be called “Homeopathetic” instead.
  • Post-nasal drip is causing my stomach to churn.
  • Comcast is coming out tomorrow morning.
  • I’ve updated our Amazon Wedding Gift Registry
  • In three days, I’ll be lawfully wedded to Ponzi.
  • My email storage exceeded 100MB in less than a week.
  • I need to find a good, local office furniture store.
  • I think I ordered the wrong lenses for my video camera from Amazon.
  • Halls “sugar free” doesn’t taste like it.
  • There’s a mess of cables on my floor.
  • Our clothes are in desperate need of drawers.
  • I hope I can rig gigabit ethernet over this Cat 5e network.
  • Wicket keeps barking at random things – bark collar does not help.
  • I need to change Ponzi’s snail mail address.
  • Our house is pre-wired for sound (just needs speakers installed).