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What Would You Say About the AT&T and T-Mobile Deal?

If you were given a voice about the proposed T-Mobile buyout, what would you say? Do you feel that your voice matters in this situation? Even though the $39 Billion purchase has yet to go in front of the government for review, Consumers Union wants to know what you think. You can send an email to The Consumerist to share your thoughts.

The combined company (if it gets the proper approvals) will be the largest US carrier by far. AT&T and T-Mobile together have about 25% more subscribers now than Verizon does. The acquisition is reportedly not about gaining new subscribers, though – it’s about improving the reliability of service overall. Additionally, the move helps AT&T prepare for the advent of 4G communication.

AT&T has been lambasted for poor service and dropped calls more times than it is likely possible to count. However, fixing the issues isn’t as easy as some would like to believe. The company is investing billions to upgrade the network. This isn’t a fast process, though, friends. It takes YEARS to get approval and then build new towers, especially in areas such as San Francisco and New York City. These are reportedly two of the worst service areas due to congestion. Yet – the company’s hands are tied when it comes to hurrying a fix along. This proposed cellular service merger will open up many new towers, thus improving service instantly for millions of people.

The Consumerist site has posted articles both in favor of and against this marriage of companies. Now, the site wants to hear your take on the venture:

Before the sale goes under the regulators’ microscope, CU wants to hear opinions on how the everyday consumer — regardless of their current wireless provider — thinks the deal will impact everything from rates to choice to customer service.

If the choice were up to you, what would you decide? Would you allow the buyout or would you throw the proverbial hand in AT&Ts face?

Will Microsoft Buy Yahoo?

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This video was recorded on the night of the big announcement that Microsoft had made an offer to buy Yahoo. I opened the phone lines, and one of the first questions that came in was “Will it really happen?” That’s a darn good question…

I personally think Yahoo would be crazy to pass up the offer from Microsoft. Yahoo is losing ground, and can only gain by getting stronger. They need to work with someone who can put power and money behind them. Yahoo is already planning to lay off at least 10% of its workers in the near future.

Of course, Google is still going to be a powerhouse. At the same time, by buying Yahoo, Microsoft could provide some much needed competition. Yahoo has an excellent foundation. Having the money and name from Microsoft behind them, they can really go much further. In my opinion, Microsoft will likely be able to take a page from Yahoo, and learn from some of the excellent things that Yahoo has done in the past.


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