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What is the Meaning of Life?

If ever there was a loaded question, the title of this post would be it. Many have argued over the supposed meaning of life. Most geeks will scream their answer at you. I hate to tell you guys… the answer is not 42. I know, I know… but honestly – it’s just not. The meaning of life isn’t about how much money you earn, how successful you are nor how many followers you amass. Your life isn’t measured by how many people look up to you or even what you leave behind when you’re gone. The meaning of life is much simpler than that.

Let me repeat the caption in this photo: Blood may be thicker than water, but it sure doesn’t go down as easy. There you go. The meaning of life is family. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have. No one cares how many connections you made on Twitter or how many Likes you received on Facebook. Your family – the people you go home to, the people who take care of you. THEY are what it’s all about.

Oh, believe me… I know all too well that that “blood” can be difficult to swallow. Families are complex. They have their differences, their fights and idiosyncrasies and their drama. You’ll find people pushing and pulling at each other, making outlandish demands on our brains, morals and demands. I’m pretty sure every family is dysfunctional in some way. However, when you look at it with fresh eyes, you’ll realize that your family is the cornerstone of who and what you are.

The way you were raised helps shape you into the person you are now. Even if you come from a very difficult childhood, those experiences still made you what you are. These people we are given by way of birth are the ones who stick with us through life’s difficulties. They’re on our side – most of the time. Yes, there are always going to be exceptions. I know and understand that there are many of you out there who will argue with me because your family may have its issues or not be a part of your life for some reason. Even so… I’m willing to bet you’ve now created a family of your own, or plan to someday. Will that significant other and those children not be the sum total of your life when your head hits the pillow at night?

Family doesn’t simply mean parents, siblings or grandparents. This word encompasses so much more: the person you choose to marry, the children you have, various aunts, uncles and cousins and even that special family friend who is more like family than people you are related to by blood. These people who make up the fabric of your life can be difficult to swallow sometimes, but that blood is definitely thicker than any water you’ll find.

Do You Understand?

Over on Lockergnome, I recently asked everyone what the one thing is they’ll never understand in life. The answers have surprised me with their variety. Many of them were one-liners, written to make someone laugh. Several of them, though, had a lot of thought put behind them. When someone replies in this manner, it always helps me to circle back on my own line of thought.

Many men will agree with me that we’ll never understand women. Guess what? Gals can’t figure us out, either. We don’t understand why people blindly follow something without stopping to figure out what it is that “something” may stand for. We cannot make ourselves understand why some people feel they are entitled to more than what life has given them, especially if they do nothing to earn it. In short, we all tend to puzzle over the same set of unanswerable questions at some point in our brain’s meanderings.

What is the one thing you will never understand?

You don’t have to understand computers and how they work in order to know that you need the latest and greatest software and apps that is available.