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Is McDonalds Creepy?

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According to the Consumerist a few weeks back, the Center for Science in the Public Interest threatened to sue McDonalds for putting toys in Happy Meals. Apparently, they don’t like the idea of McDonalds enticing little boys and girls with toys. The director of the company stated that: “Tempting kids with toys is unfair and deceptive, both to kids who don’t understand the concept of advertising, and to their parents, who have to put up with their nagging children.”

Wait. What? Why are they targeting McDonalds only? Does the CSPI plan to sue EVERY restauraunt who places a toy in their kid’s meals? The last time I checked, most places do this. Why is this so wrong? It gives me the creeps to know that some idiot at the CSPI thinks this way… likening Mickey D’s to a child predator. Seriously?

McDonalds responded, stating they are not like the “standers in the playground handing out candy to children.” Rock on Ronald! Don’t give in to someone who is simply trying to make a name for themselves by filing an idiotic lawsuit against a big company.

What do you think? Is McDonalds really creepy, or is this lawsuit the culprit?

Thanks, Lamarr, for a fantastic video once again!

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Are You Addicted to the Internet?

There was an interesting post over on Lockergnome today, asking whether you are addicted to the Internet. There’s even a link to a quiz so that you can find out if you are!

I could sit here and crack jokes about how addicted I am to the Internet. In reality, though, it’s not a laughing matter. There is a tremendous difference between spending a lot of time doing what you love – and being utterly and helplessly addicted to it. Internet addiction is a reality, and it’s growing at an alarming rate. People who are addicted to the web are becoming obsessed with what they do there to the point that they ignore their “real” life, their responsibilities, and often their health. Marriages have broken up due to this. People have lost jobs due to this. Kids have been suspended from school because of this. It’s scary, and it’s real.

So, I ask you – are YOU addicted to the Internet? Have you taken the quiz, and read your results? When and where do you draw the line between having fun, and tumbling into an addiction? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

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Have You Ever Tasted McSpam?

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So I was told that while in Honolulu, I had to eat a traditional “Local Breakfast” at the McDonald’s. Ok, so let’s do this. I can handle it, right? It won’t kill me, right?

The “Local Breakfast” includes white rice, eggs, Portuguese sausage, and Spam. You read the correctly – Spam. Honest-to-goodness… SPAM. What the heck. When in Rome…

The Spam actually tasted good, as did the rice. It is very Hawaiian tasting, with maybe a hint of Connecticut thrown in. The Portuguese sausage, well, I’m not so sure. At least now I know what it tastes like.

Thankfully, they had the normal old fruit punch to wash it all down with. I thought maybe it would taste better in Hawaii, but it’s just the same old punch as I get here in Seattle.

Have you ever eaten Spam? Where did you have it? How was it cooked? Most importantly.. did you like it?

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