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Ben Parr Talks Gawker Hack on G4

Mashable co-editor Ben Parr appeared on G4’s “Attack of the Show” today to discuss the Gawker hacks and give his opinion on the impact this could have. Many people have gone about their business today after reading the news, not particularly caring one way or the other about the security breach. Many of us laughed a bit over our morning coffee, of course.

What the majority of people failed to realize, though, is how far-reaching this could potentially be. Hundreds of thousands of username/password combinations are now in the hands of hackers. How many of those people are you willing to wager use that same combo on other sites, such as Nick Denton himself does for Twitter, Facebook and Gmail? Out of those people, how many actually changed their passwords today to lock down their various accounts?

Sadly, not many people are listening. Approximately twenty-four hours ago, Twitter was taken over for a while by many MANY thousands of Tweets talking about Acai berry juice or some such nonsense. At first, people assumed that there was a worm spreading quickly through the popular social networking site. Later research revealed the scary truth: the compromised Twitter accounts were people whose Gawker accounts had been hacked. Someone simply used the information to prove yet another point. This one was made on Twitter. Will the next one be made on Facebook?

Change your passwords, people.

Are you Retweeting Mashable?

Mashable is one of the largest social media news sites on the planet. Their fearless leader, Pete Cashmore is a quiet force to be reckoned with. I have a feeling that when Pete “asks” you to re-Tweet their Twitter updates, it’s not really a request.

Are you a fan of Mashable? Do you tend to re-Tweet items you see from there, TechCrunch and our site? What do you deem to be Tweet-worthy?

Are you retweeting Mashable?

Bill Cosby Meets Mashable

Tomorrow night – Wednesday, July 7th – Bill Cosby will be live on the Mashable stage via Ustream. Beginning at 7:30pm Eastern time, Bill will premier his new iPhone app and discuss other surprises. The legendary comedian will be joined by Mashable’s Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow and entrepreneurs in the space to discuss his involvement in social media.

Bill Cosby has a large social media presence, despite early speculation to the contrary. He has – and participates heavily in – accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, 12seconds and Ustream. Not only does The Cos pay attention to his social media streams – he takes great pride in being an active member of them all. He’ll be talking about his love of connecting with the world in this manner during the two-hour live event tomorrow night.

Mashable wants to know what YOU want to ask Mr. Cosby. “We have a lot to discuss, but we’d love to know what you — our readers — would like Cosby and our panel (which includes execs from Ustream, 12seconds, Six Apart and Blog Talk Radio) to talk about. Let us know what you’d like to see us ask in the comments and tune in tomorrow night for some answers and some laughs.”

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Bill Cosby. I’ll be tuning in to see what he’s up to tomorrow night. Will you?

World Cup Players Not Allowed to Tweet

The web has exploded today with coverage of the World Cup. Everywhere you turn, there are videos, discussions and photos being posted. The games are the top trend on Twitter and talk of them is rampant on Facebook. With so much buzz surrounding the World Cup, why are many coaches banning the use of social media amongst players?

Jolie O’Dell reports on Mashable that “players on the teams from Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Argentina and England are forbidden to use social services such as Twitter. One coach, Marcelo Bielsa of Chile, banned all social networking and even put a curfew on regular or non-social Internet use during the evening.” She is quick to point out that many NFL and NBA coaches impose the same types of restrictions on their players during games.

Do you feel this is fair? Should an athlete be allowed to send a tweet from their phone when they are not on the field? Why can’t they participate in the flurry of Internet messages surrounding what they are doing?

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Geek Gone Wild: Chatroulette Experiment

A few days ago, I decided I had to find out for myself exactly what Chatroulette is really like. Kevoc captured this video for me, to showcase my reactions.

I have to admit, I was entertained. However, I was not amused in the way you might think – honest! Watching people’s reactions to seeing Pixie sitting on the camera instead of a live person cracked me up.

I came across some X-rated people, and threw up in my mouth a little each time. WHY would someone do that? I really don’t get it. Trust me, guys, the girls you will “meet” on Chatroulette are not the girls you’d want to meet in real life. It made me laugh each time I saw someone come on the screen who was obviously there in order to find a “partner” for the evening. What are these people even thinking?

UncleJohn captured things from the perspective of my monitor. He used his mad skillz to do some creative censoring for this video, thankfully. It’s funny to see the look on some of the people’s faces, though… and to see the sheer boredom radiating off of others.

There are some really interesting things happening on the site at times. For instance, Mashable was lucky enough to land an exclusive interview recently with Merton. He’s the anonymous piano guy seen all over the Chatroulette site recently. He’s hilarious and isn’t too shabby when it comes time to tickle the ivories.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I think that this is the one day of the year where nearly everyone tries to claim they are at least “part” Irish. What better excuse is there to eat some awesome food, drink a lot of green beer, and have a great time on a weekday? I was watching my local news earlier, and they were showing clips from several different local pubs and restaurants. There sure are a lot of Irish people in Seattle! Who knew?

All I know is that I don’t really enjoy green beer. Something about it just kind of creeps me out. Seeing the Chicago River turned green every year is pretty cool though, I must admit! The parades are fun and lighthearted, and I do love a good Corned Beef sammich! I don’t like to be pinched if I’m not wearing green… but it IS quite fun to pinch someone else!

Did you partake in any fun activities today in honor of St. Patty’s Day? What did you do to celebrate?

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CNN Blogger Bunch: Windows 7 and Hulu Subscriptions

I was recently featured on CNN live website, along with my buddies Pete Cashmore (from Mashable) and Brian Chen (from Wired). We had a great time discussing things like Windows 7 and the announcement of Hulu subscriptions. It’s an interesting roundtable from the three of us self-avowed “Mac” guys, who all have extensive Windows experience.

As I stated during the discussion, I believe the operating system is becoming irrelevant in the days where everyone logs in to their computer, and immediately opens a web browser.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel as we tune more and more into the Web that things such as actual operating systems will become more irrelevant?

What is Google Wave?

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I ran into Ben from Mashable recently, and asked him for his thoughts on Google Wave. Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year.

Ben says that Google Wave is a “very, very interesting project”, and that it could be the next big form of communication. His favorite feature is Windows – style editing. Say you have a group of friends and want to plan a party. Instead of sending a bajillion emails back and forth, you can just edit the original email in the bottom “pane”. You can edit messages at any point, and see everyone’s conversation at once. It’s a completely new way to communicate, and more effective.

With Gmail and Exchange… it’s just different. For attachments, you would have to click, add the attachment, download the attachment… blah! With Google Wave, you simply drag and drop whatever you need to share among the group. You can embed your own Wave into things like YouTube, your blog, and more. It can replace a normal commenting system! There’s even an iPhone App being released along with Wave.

Google Wave is open-source, so you can build anything you want with it. Create desktop apps, web apps, an Adobe Air app… or make it work for your Exchange account (like I rely on!). This is definitely going to be something to watch unfold, and sounds like it’s going to be an absolutely amazing service.

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