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The Great Indoorsman Roasts Marshmallows

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I am a great indoorsman, it’s true. There’s nothing like living in the great indoors. These four walls make you feel… alive! Why would I need to go out *THERE* just to have some fun? I can do anything indoors that you can do outdoors. I can even get myself a tan, right in front of my monitors.

If you like to eat toasted marshmallows, but don’t like to camp outside, why not use your stove? As you can see, it’s quite easy to do. Just make sure you’re careful, and don’t set your indoors on fire. Cuz then – you’ll be living outdoors! We wouldn’t want that, now would we?

You, too, can become a great indoorsman. Heck, you might already be one! Share your indoorsman stories with the rest of the world. Let’s show those outdoors-y types what they’re missing out on!

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