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Subservient Chris Raised Money for Cancer Research

Subservient Chris made an appearance again just the other night. This time, he was doing wacky things in order to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Community members (and awesome Gnomedex core volunteer members!) Liana and Michelle are both running in the Amica Seattle 1/2 Marathon on November 28. This half marathon is being held in conjunction with Team in Training, and both girls are working their proverbial butts off to get ready.

Thank you to the many community members who donated to this awesome cause on Monday night! If we don’t have your Twitter url linked to your name below, please drop me an email and I will get you added if you wish. Those of you who wished to remain anonymous are not on the list, but we are grateful to you just the same.

It’s not too late to donate to one (or both!) of the girls. Visit either Liana’s fund-raising page or Michelle’s fund-raising page to see how you can help – and exactly where your dollars will go.

A huge shout-out to the following people for participating on Monday:

It seems as though everyone has had their life touched by cancer in some way. It is because of people like Liana and Michelle that one day we WILL find a cure.

The Future of Biking

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During a recent Bluetooth SIG event in Seattle, I learned how easy it is to keep track of your biking habits using Bluetooth technology. The demo bicycle wheel was spinning at about five miles per hour, even though it wasn’t really going anywhere. It was being measured by the little piece of plastic attached to the spokes, which is about the size of a thumb drive. The Velo Computer by Sound of Motion measures wheel rotation with a 1-degree precision.

So why is one degree important? What you can do with that information is important. You can calculate your acceleration, torque and watts. People who are training for biking marathons rely on information such as this to help them. “This unique sensing technology is at least 360 times more accurate than traditional sensors. It accurately measures distance, cadence, spot speed and acceleration within 1 second comparing up to 7 seconds delay in traditional cycling computers.”

When you finish your ride, you can post your information to the site. It will publish to Google Maps and Twitter for you so that you can share your ride with everyone. Sadly, the device won’t be available until later this summer. If you are a bike enthusiast, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for its launch.

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When Gamers Give Back, it Makes a Difference

Mario Marathon is an event that takes place once a year to help raise money for Child’s Play Charity. Child’s Play is an organization that sends books, toys and supplies to young patients of hospitals worldwide. Beginning June 25th 2010 at 11:00 Eastern, you can tune in to watch the guys scramble to save countless princesses.

The goal is to raise as much money as possible throughout the event for the charity. None of the donations go through the players – it all goes directly to Child’s Play. The more money raised, the longer these guys have to play Mario. There are over 800 levels across the nine Mario games chosen for the Mario Marathon 3. Your donations determine how many of those levels the team will complete.

In Lafayette, Indiana, Brian, John and Chris take turns sleeping and playing the games throughout the weekend. They use a video capture card to show what’s on the TV game-wise, as well as a camera to view them in the living room. The live streaming event is hosted by Ustream.TV. While the event is going on, they will have several contests for the viewers to participate in for a chance at prizes. These events will be spread out during the event where you could win by tweeting, skyping in, or just being a viewer.

If you want to help out with the event, promote it as much as possible. Tweet out the information, blog about it, and get your friends interested on Facebook. The more people who know, the more viewers and possible donations Child’s Play can receive. Remember, the more you donate, the more time they spend cracking down on the controller to entertain you and give back to the community.

When gamers give back it makes a difference!

Gamers Raising Money for Charity through Gaming Marathons

I received a very interesting email recently from Cody, who goes by the name of Ninboycl in our chat room. He wanted to let me know about a very cool charity. I like the idea behind it so much, I had to pass it on for all of you to check out.

I am a follower of this group called TheSpeedGamers. They play video game marathons for charities that are in their area, and are in need of money. They have done a few of these marathons, but there are a few problems. They’re having a hard time getting publicity for the marathons, seemingly because they are promoting it for charities that aren’t well-known. They tried many times to gain publicity on well-known sites with high traffic. I was just wondering maybe you could mention them in one of your videos or blogs to possibly get more viewers for their upcoming 72 hour Metroid Marathon for St. Judes cancer fund starting on Friday, August 15 at 6pm CST. It would be great for publicity for upcoming marathons… and to boost their donations. I thought I would ask you as I know almost 80% of your audience (including me) are gamers, and it would be great if they could see this.

Cody, I am more than happy to pass along information about this wonderful group of gamers. Now THIS is what community is all about. TheSpeedGamers do gaming marathons to raise money for various charities. In their first marathon they raised $1090 for St. Jude. The second marathon they raised $1355 for Giggles Therapy, one of their local Autism organizations.

Keep up the great work, everyone. And to all of you reading this post… why not do what you can to help raise money for St. Jude’s? It’s an amazing organization, helping thousands of children every year.