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How to Make Money With Google

The first installment of a new webinar series has been released, and is available for rental on YouTube. I am working with long-time friend Jake Ludington to bring you this valuable information. My assistant Kat attended this first seminar live, hoping to glean some tips to help her become a better writer. Following is her guest post, explaining why she feels you should attend this webinar, as well.

I have been writing online for approximately four years now. I have come quite a long way in that time, having learned everything I possibly could from Chris. I don’t consider myself to be an expert, but I do recognize that I have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to SEO and writing to earn an income. It’s critical to be able to recognize what it is people are going to search for, or your content is never going to be discovered. Without discovery, no money is going to be made. It’s a never-ending cycle – and one that you have to learn how to work within.

I admit to being skeptical when Chris asked me to attend this webinar. After all, I’ve already learned everything he could possibly teach me. Chris explained that Jake was going to be the person “teaching” me this time, and I became excited. I’ve gotten to know Jake fairly well in the time I’ve been working with Chris, and I know that he is quite successful when it comes to creating content people want to read. More importantly, he’s making money at it.

I went into the webinar with an open mind, an ink pen and a notepad. I admit to taking a lot of notes during the presentation. I asked questions, and Jake took the time to answer them. Some of what he covered about writing for Google I already knew, yes. I’m sure you’ll already know a bit of it, as well. However, I absolutely did learn several things that I am already putting into practice… and again – I’m sure you will, too.

For years, I have been convinced by people and “SEO experts” that you have to link outside of yourself a certain number of times per article. That’s actually not true, and can hurt you in the long run. If you need to credit a source, then you definitely need to link to them. Otherwise… I needed to stop linking so much. I try to find things within our own network to point to, instead of outside to other people’s ideas and sites. This keeps the traffic flowing within our community where we want it to be.

I also learned several handy tricks when it comes to figuring out a title for any given post. It’s not only important to have something “catchy” that will grab people’s attention. It’s even more important to make sure you use words that will be found in Google (or any search engine). Let’s face it… you’re dead in the water if what you’re writing isn’t ranking on the first page of Google.

I have already noticed a huge difference in the way I approach my work and in my writing. Google is already noticing it as well. Our content is consistently ranking higher for very generic search terms, which translates to a whole lot more page views. We all know what more page views means.

If this old Kitty can learn new tricks and quickly begin to see a real difference, then you can too. I’m sure you’re scoffing at having to pay nearly a hundred dollars for an hour-long webinar. I beseech you to ask yourself, though… how dedicated are you to making money? If the answer is what I think it will be, then you know that paying for information that WILL help you is worth it, right?

I bet you’re thinking that I’m only writing this because I work for Chris. “Of course” I would have positive things to say about it. “Who cares” if he is making more money? Guess what? I’m already seeing a major difference in my personal revenue on my own blogs and sites, as well. I’m not famous. I’m not “high-profile.” I’m simply a girl who likes to write and is always grateful when someone enjoys whatever it is I have to say. Being able to actually make money by doing so is pretty dang cool.

How much is your future worth? An hour of your time and a hundred bucks out of your pocket seems to be a very tiny price to pay. A week later, I’ve already made that back – and then some.

If you would like to have us put together a similar seminar (or private showing of this one) for your business, group or company please contact us.

Web Site Advertising Options

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This caller is wanting to set up his own web site and make money with it. He has a lot of questions as to how you get paid from advertisers, and how the process works in general. There’s a lot more involved than simply buying a domain name and slapping AdSense on it, trust me.

He’s thinking of making a web site with different types of art and wallpapers. He’s an artist, and wallpapers are in great demand if they’re unique and of good quality.

The first thing you have to do is think of all the ways you can drive attention to your site. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts are very worthwhile. You have to engage your community and keep them interested in what you’re doing before you can begin to make money. Without anyone to visit, ads won’t do you a lick of good.

On a web site, there are multiple ways of generating money. There are the traditional means such as with AdSense or Kontera links. You could also potentially land a sponsor who will pay you a set amount of money per month or quarter. That, however, tends to tie directly in with your website traffic.

As I already said, driving traffic to yourself is the key behind any form of advertising. Your best bet is to start the website and then get out there and network your rear end off. Visit other blogs with similar themes and leave comments – along with a link back to your own site. Don’t write something insipid or spammy. Leave a thoughtful message, one that may promote further discussion. People will naturally want to check out what else you have to say!

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What Do You Like?

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Yes, my keyboard is a moneymaker. It not only helps me make money, it helps me help others to make money! Hopefully, you will check this website out and make some dough for yourself. I received an Amazon Kindle several months ago from them. Now, they’re giving away three dollars for every valid referral!

likaholix is all about what you like. Share, discuss and discover likes with people all over the World. Recommendations from friends, whose tastes, you trust are usually much better than most reviews on the web. Most people, when they are out on social occasions with friends, find themselves exchanging notes and discussing things that they like. Likaholix serves as both a self-expression and a recommendation tool.

This is basically a social network where you can add just about anything to your account, and tell everyone why you like it. You could even say you like me – but of course, you don’t have to! You can jump past the referral link if you wish, of course. But then you might not even get accepted into the beta, and be unable to start liking things! Just use the referral, save yourself some time and hassle, and then start getting referrals of your own!

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