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Useful Things in my Home Office

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I love to surround myself with things I can use – and that look good on my desk. When the folks at Useful Things sent me a care package recently, I was only too happy to try out their nifty little offerings! I was especially happy with the staple-less stapler. That’s right… it actually “staples” papers together without using actual staples! It’s magic, I tell ya!

They also sent me a very cool pair of scissors. They aren’t really scissors at all! There are 18 blades all slapped together to help me easily shred a credit card or papers.

The next thing was To-Do Tattoos. Basically… lick it and stick it to the back of your hand. You then use a pen to write on your to-do list to write in what it is you need to remember. Now you don’t have to carry around a list or piece of paper.

The last item in my little gift box was a really cool looking business card holder. It moves and bends in many different ways. Business cards or pieces of paper are held to it using a small magnet. It looks great on my desk with all my other silver items!

What other cool and useful things do you have in your office? Make sure to email me a link. You never know what I might need to pick up for my office next.

[awsbullet:stapleless stapler]

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