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Internet Magic Tricks

Jonathan (aka FearedBliss from the chat room) submits:

I came across to great pranks that you can play on friends and colleagues. The first one is PeterAnswers.com, If you have good knowledge on a person you can actually trick them into thinking that the website knows the answer to what they’re asking. It’s pretty simple all you have to do is in the petition area you just press . then type in the answer then press . again, while your typing this , the field will be typing in something else, it’s pretty much masking your answer. Then in the question box you enter the question.

The second one is freakyourmind.com, basically theres 3 steps for this, you first will put your friends name, then put your friends phone number, and then send your friend the video. The video will be of chris angel playing a mind trick on your friend with cards, he says his name and phone number and then actually calls your friend ( it wont be him actually talking but a automatic message ).

Know of any other Internet “magic” sites?