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Do You Remember Your First Tweetup?

I not only remember my first Tweetup, I remember them all! Each one I attend or host gives me an opportunity to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and make some all-important business contacts. There is always a lot of fun to be had, a lot of networking to do, and more laughter involved than should be allowed by law. However, some people are not as fortunate as I am.

Take my Community Manager Kat, for example. The poor woman has never attended a Tweetup before. Can you believe that? I decided that this simply wasn’t acceptable. She’ll be in Seattle for a week in February, to attend her second Microsoft MVP Summit. So, I decided to throw together a little Tweetup in her honor that Friday, February 19th! If you’re in the Seattle area, we’d love for you to join us.

Have you ever attended a Tweetup – or perhaps a Facemeet? What memories and connections do you still carry with you? What advice might you have for our Kat, as she embarks on her first-ever Twitter meetup? Let’s rally together as a community, and show her the time of her life.

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Magic Mouse Review

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I believe in magic. I also believe in Apple. Therefore, I had to buy the new Apple Magic Mouse. There is no scroll ball on this particular mouse, as there was on the Mighty Mouse. The entire surface of the Magic Mouse is touch-enabled. I like this a lot, as I had issues with the scroll ball getting stuck at times on my Mighty Mouse. I do have to say I was a Microsoft mouse users for many years, until Apple started shipping the Mighty Mouse – and now the Magic Mouse.

As with any Apple mouse, you can right click. Simply enable this by adding a click feature. With this Magic Mouse, you can even swipe or scroll with a flick of your finger, since the whole surface is literally touch-enabled. I wasn’t kidding about that.

This is a bluetooth mouse, which is nice. It connected fairly easily, and worked perfectly out of the box. I did receive one of these a couple of weeks ago, but it was a faulty device. Apple was great though, and sent me a replacement right away.

I can even use this mouse to zoom in, just like with any other mouse in OS X. All you have to do is hold down your Control button and scroll up to zoom in. Hold down Control and scroll down in order to zoom back out.

Keep in mind that the Magic Mouse works best with OS X Snow Leopard. It will work with other versions, but it’s not as smooth of an experience.

Maybe you want scrolling but don’t want swiping. Or two-button clicking instead of one. Whatever the case, Magic Mouse works the way you want it to work. All you do is go to the Magic Mouse preference pane in System Preferences to enable or disable features. It’s designed to fit comfortably in your hand whether you are right or left-handed. You can easily swap those left and right button preferences using System Preferences.

So what’s my verdict? I like the new Magic Mouse. However… I still like my Mighty Mouse, as well. I don’t know yet if I’ll use one or the other on a constant basis, or if I’ll switch between the two. What are your thoughts? Have you used the Magic Mouse yet? Do you love it – or hate it?

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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. It’s so much fun to see all the kids in their little costumes. Heck, it’s sometimes even fun to see the grownups in their costumes, as well! But most of all, I love to see Wicket and Pixie all dressed up for the day. I’ve even been known to dress up in recent years, myself.

What sort of traditions do you have for Halloween? What are you dressing up as this year – and are you actually going trick-or-treating? Let’s hear about your celebration, and be sure to link pictures for us!

Do you ever even stop to think about the history of Halloween? I knew that it was based in old Celtic traditions, and that October 31st is a very sacred holiday for many in the Pagan world – Samhain. There is much interesting lore to be read if you want to stretch your mind a little.

You can also learn new things every day by keeping an eye on our community! People post about anything and everything – even sometimes, the kitchen sink!

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