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How to Recover Lost Items – Stuffbak

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I hope I never lose my digital camera, or the data on it. If only I placed a Stuffbak sticker on it, then perhaps I’ll never have to worry. You can protect any mobile device from permanent loss and placing the sticker onto your gadget so it’s fully visible. If it happens to be lost or stolen after that, the company will offer a reward to help ensure the item’s return.

Confidential ID labels combine with their recovery/return policy to bring your gadgets home to you where they belong. You’ll register your unique sticker with the company via their website. Should your item be found, the person will (hopefully) call the toll-free number on the sticker. Your item will make its way back to you, and you’ll only be charged the shipping and handling fee – if one is even necessary.

The company boasts a hefty 75% return rate, which I’d say is pretty good odds. You can even purchase cases and bags with your unique Stuffbak ID inside of them. Volume discounts are available on the site, which will save you up to about 40% off when buying separately.

Albino Vader wants you to protect your gadgets, gizmos and favorite items. You wouldn’t want to disappoint him, would you?

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The Story of LOST Told by Cats

The people over at Tremendous News are going to miss the popular television show LOST. In case you may have missed out on watching it in the past, the team put together this awesome one-minute video. It purrrfectly describes the entire show, and the whole thing was done with adorable little kitty cats.

If you have been following the show all these years, good for you. Our friend Traci Toguchi played a role on there in season four. I had a fantastic time touring some of the sets in Hawaii, and almost felt as though I was a part of the show. Alas, I admit to not really watching it. I don’t watch a lot of television. Who has time for that these days?

Are you a LOST fan? Does this video come pretty close to resembling the show?

LOST Behind the Scenes

I’ve been in Hawaii for the past few days. My friend Traci lives here and has been taking me to see and do some pretty cool things. Today, I spent part of the day touring the LOST set at Kouloa Ranch, thanks to Hummer Tours.

A little interesting tidbit you might want to know: Traci (herself) appeared in a small supporting role on LOST (Season 4, episode 10) in the episode titled Something Nice Back Home. She played Jack’s receptionist, Jane. The part she played today, though, was as camerawoman for the videos we recorded.

This behind the scenes tour was completely not what I had expected. Pretty much every spot on the tour was absolutely gorgeous. I admit it – I had a heck of a lot of fun… even if I did have to be outside.

What’s MOST interesting about the production of this particular set of videos is that I uploaded them directly via my iPhone 3GS minutes after each recording. In this process, my audience (on YouTube, at least) was able to experience the tour through me near real-time. I could have streamed it live from my iPhone, but connectivity would have been in constant question while mobile in this area.

The Dharma Initiative Dock on Moli’i Pond was the first stop on our LOST tour. The location offers a true taste of Hollywood as a “mock building” is on the back part of the site which is great for pictures. This is a unique site that also has a pier that you can take photographs on or even rent a boat and cruise around the fish pond. Lastly, the site has a rustic pavilion that is close to the pier which can be decorated and used for weddings.

Cooper Battery is a World War II-era coastal defense gun battery at Kualoa Ranch on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Both its exterior and its interior served as the entrance to the Tempest station in the series.

This episode of our Lost Tour series shows the beautiful backdrop that was a place where much violence occurred. This is the hill that Charlie was ultimately pushed down, as well as the bus.

Jughead was the name of the third episode in season 5 – and the name of the hydrogen bomb, as well. I won’t give away more details than this, in case you haven’t seen the show yet!

These are the famous “logs”, seen several different times throughout the show’s history. They first made their debut in season 2, and again in the infamous Jughead episode.

The final filming location for Lost takes us back to the Ka’a’awa Valley. Hurley’s golf course is located within the Ka’a’awa Valley quite close to the location where Dr. Alan Grant and the two children encounter a large herd of duckbills and hadrosaurs fleeing from a ferocious T-Rex in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

This isn’t just an old school. It’s also been the site of several different location shots during the filming of LOST. Most recently, on season 5, it served as a place supposedly in the Dominican Republic.

Has LOST Jumped the Shark?

I’m a latecomer to LOST.

It’s always tricky when you start watching shows mid-season, but it’s even more difficult when you start watching shows long after the first episode. I might not have the full LOST backstory, but I don’t really feel the need to go back and watch the first couple of seasons (even though we have them on DVD already).

I started watching LOST at some point in the beginning of the previous season, and this new season began just a few weeks ago. So far, so good – at least, in my opinion.

I heard a few people complaining about how this season is going so far, and so I decided to ask my Twitter followers: are you digging it or ditching it?

kyleheine: way digging it!

about 5 minutes ago

moderatelywell: love it nose bleeding time travelers whats better than that?

about 21 minutes ago

bettybeth: Have not seen the most recent episode, but definitely enjoying this season of LOST and will stick with it until its over.

about 32 minutes ago

JadeEJF: I’m enjoying Lost for now. At least it’s got a focus for both groups, unlike some other seasons I’ve seen.

about 35 minutes ago

jthrasher: Loving LOST.

about 37 minutes ago

beetleman08: So far I think this season of LOST is great!

about 38 minutes ago

lemonkey: I never watched it before but I caught a few minutes of it tonight and thought the commentary notes at the bottom were neat.

about 46 minutes ago

fancyfembot: definitely digging Lost

about 47 minutes ago

venson: digging LOST!

about 49 minutes ago

JRegner: digging Lost!

about 52 minutes ago

robertrosenfeld: I’ve loved LOST since the begging. Tonight’s episode rocked!

about 53 minutes ago

onewiredguy: digging it! Except tonight… Wasn’t very exciting

about 57 minutes ago

starlite528: Not even watching LOST, only saw the first couple of episodes from season 1. I don’t watch much TV.

about 59 minutes ago

Outsanity: I gave up on LOST. Just let me know when they ALL leave the island

about an hour ago

MCKLEIN73: I have to say im digging LOST how can you ditch one of the greatest series of our times?

about an hour ago

mtor82: I’m digging this season of lost.

about an hour ago

findingnewo: AKA I’m digging it

about an hour ago

findingnewo: LOST is getting so good now. Besides season 1, this is the best season so far.

about an hour ago

nicolosi: I’m liking it still. @mmatassa keeps asking me why I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. Then again, I liked twin peaks to the end

about an hour ago

shellyroche: definitely digging. especially hurley a) throwing hot pockets or b) in orange jumpsuit

about an hour ago

golddeath: i have to much time invested in LOST to just abandon it after 3 subpar episodes, have faith!

about an hour ago

adamwgodfrey: digging it

about an hour ago

infinitelypie: I’m still loving it. Particularly since they’re getting more into the time travel aspect.

about an hour ago

scwilder: I ditched antenna, satellite, and cable all together. Just heard of the HDTV upgrade last week 🙂 LOST — no clue, lost myself

about an hour ago

mayhemstudios: I’m loving #LOST so far. Taking it to another place, from where it first started.

about an hour ago

Dave0: Two words: Freakin’ Awesome. #lost

about an hour ago

onespartan: Totally digging it.

about an hour ago

icequeen057: Still trying to get caught up – but I’m into the end of season 4 and loving it. Friends have only said great things about 5.

about an hour ago

joshua_w: totally digging it!

about an hour ago

sperling: I’m so far behind in “Lost”. I haven’t even watched last season’s finale! Should probably do that soon before TiVo erases ’em.

about an hour ago

mattsnod: Digging Lost. I’m understanding everything that’s happening this year. I’ve always been good with time travel in fiction.

about an hour ago

tangomega: I have stayed away from “Lost” since the beginning. So, “Ditch”, I guess.

about an hour ago

harrysaxon23: It’s fantastic and getting better, IMO. I think they’re proving how well-mapped the series arc was admirably.

about an hour ago

javajive: No way I could ditch it after following it from the beginning. No matter what route it takes, I need to see it through.

about an hour ago

jandrick: still digging

about an hour ago

Superbad24: DIGGING IT by A LOT!!!!

about an hour ago

smabjure: Digging it to the max.

about an hour ago

drpants: Digging it, big time.

about an hour ago

What Happens When Your iPhone Gets Stolen

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What would happen if you lost your iPhone, if you haven’t already? I don’t know what I would do without mine. I know I’d make a lot less calls, that’s for sure. If your iPhone were to get stolen, it can find itself. Eric wrote:

On the 15th of March, I brought my truck over to my father-in-law to have him work on the brakes. I ended having to order a part for my truck, and decided to leave it at his house overnight as I had to work the next day, and felt it was unsafe to drive. When I got home that night around 9:00 pm, I came to the realization that I had left my iPhone in the center console. It wasn’t a big deal at the time, because they only live about 10 miles away, and I could easily swing by in the morning and pick it up. Sometime between 10:00pm and 3:00am the truck was stolen. When I received the phone call telling me this, I went into panic-mode. You see, I didn’t care about the truck being stolen, but the first thing I thought of was my iPhone. My wife told me I was acting like I had lost our child. While I was filling out the police report, I just happened to blurt out “They have my iPhone!”. Apparently the officer wrote that down, and the next day a detective contacted me. He wanted to know if I had indeed left my iPhone in the truck. I told him yes, and he said he would call me back. The next day I received a phone call stating that had found my truck. I asked them if they checked to see if my iPhone was still in the truck, and they said “How do you think we found your truck?”. I was dumb-founded. Somehow, they worked with AT&T (Yes my phone is not unlocked) and they were able to use the iPhone as a beacon I guess. I am so glad that I made the decision to purchase this phone. It was worth being an early adopter. The iPhone is the greatest phone I have ever owned, it saved me the hassle of having to get a new vehicle, and it’s a “crime-fighter”.

In the event you do misplace your iPhone, you might want to let the authorities know that they can trace your phone through AT&T. We know there are programs for our laptops, but did you even know that your iPhone can be found this way, as well? What do you think about this? Do you feel more secure knowing that Apple and AT&T can find out where you phone is at any given time? Or does that kind of creep you out? Do you trust them with this much control and information? I personally feel secure, knowing that if I were to lose my iPhone, it could hopefully easily be found for me.


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24, Lost… TV Recommendations?

Do I dare start watching 24, Brad? What about Lost, Maryam? Quite simply, I’m afraid I’ll get addicted to either show. I don’t have much leisure time these days, but “everybody” swears by these two television programs. It’s easy enough to pick up DVD sets to get caught up on earlier episodes, but…? Maybe I should ask this question: who thinks 24 and/or Lost are overrated?

There’s only so much time in the day, and I’m (sadly) placing more weight on HDTV programming anymore. I’ve got a few favorite shows, but am looking for general recommendations for more. I’m also trying to find new sitcoms to love. Here’s my current “wanna see very episode” list:

  • Scrubs
  • The Daily Show
  • Family Guy
  • The Simpsons
  • Robot Chicken
  • My Name is Earl
  • Numb3rs
  • Malcolm in the Middle
  • Two and a Half Men
  • Monk

What’s everybody else watching these days? I gotta find me some new shows to bittorrent enjoy.

Missing Friend: James Kim

I just got word (through Tom Merrit on the TechTV Alumni discussion list) about this. Your help would be greatly appreciated:

CNET editor and former Fresh Gear contributor and Lab analyst James Kim has been missing since Saturday. ANY word, especially from people in the Oregon area is appreciated. The information is all below from the official investigation by the SFPD.

Missing Family Includes: James, Kati, Penelope (age 4.5) and Sabine (6 months). Last name is Kim.

Overview: The Kim Family left San Francisco on November 17th on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest. They had thanksgiving in Seattle with family and then drove to Portland. They were last seen by their friends in Portland who they had brunch with on Saturday, November 25. According to their friends, their plans were to drive out to the town of Gold Beach on the Oregon Coast and then make their way back to San Francisco. James was expected back at work on Tuesday, November 28th. When no one had heard from him by Wednesday morning employees at the Kims’ two stores and his colleagues at CNET began to make phone calls to his family and friends to inquire of his whereabouts. Presently, the SFPD is investigating the case.

If you know anything about James’ whereabouts, you can contact the SFPD by calling 415-558-5508 during normal business hours and 415-553-1071 after hours.

The last known contact from James was at around 5:45 PM on Saturday. A hotel clerk at the Tu Tu Tun lodge in Gold Beach, Oregon took a call from James. He said he was about five hours away. The hotel clerk said she would leave the keys out for them as the lobby would be closed after 10. The keys were still in the same place the next morning. The clerk believes James referred to being near Salem, Oregon at the time.