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I Can Haz Cheezburger

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I recently attended the WTIA Fast Pitch Forum & Technology Showcase. The conference featured two dozen of the of the hottest technology companies in Washington presenting their business in a competition for “Best In Show”. I Can Haz Cheezburger is well-known online for their hilarious LOLCat pictures.

Pet Holdings, Inc. is the parent company of the I Can Haz Cheezburger website. Creating a Lolcat is simple. Upload a picture, add a caption and share it with the World. There are now tons of options for registered users. You can even re-caption the photos others have submitted!

Lolcats served up 2TB of data in just two weeks. You read that right… two Terrabytes!! When Pet Holdings took over the Lolcats industry, they knew nothing about memes, nor funny cat pictures. They went back to the basics and did what worked. Obviously it worked well, since they’re still in business – and still growing like crazy!

If you haven’t ever visited the Lolcats site, you have no idea what you’re missing. I dare you to go there, and NOT smile.

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Can I Has Cheezeburger?

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I put Wicket in my office chair, and had everyone in the live chat take screen grabs of him. I wanted them to make LOLDogs out of his picture, and share them with the World. I did this to promote the new book “I Can Has Cheezeburger?“.

Iz a portable collekshun of pix, wif 5 grammar lessons from Professor Happycat! 200!!! PIX! Some favorites, many new and never seen pix personally chosen out of bajillions by cheez and tofu. Use it to confuse grandma and give you lols and make your day infinity times better!

I had to blockquote that since it explains it so perfectly. If you’ve ever been to the site itself, you know you’re hooked. Admit it – you love the LOLCats! We all do. They’re just plain funny. If you were a part of our community last fall during Gnomedex, you know that Ben Huh was one of our speakers. We had a great time learning how the site began – and laughing hysterically at all of the pictures he brought!

If you love the LOLCats (or dogs!) you definitely have to grab this book. You’ll laugh yourself silly every time you pick it up.

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Caption This: LOL Chris

Sometimes, I just can’t help myself. I love to be a goof, and I enjoy acting silly. I also love to take pictures, even though I’m definitely not a professional photographer. I consider myself a fairly decent one, though!

Most of all – I love doing neat things with cameras, and with photo software. So, go ahead – give it your best shot! Caption this!

Chris Cat

Yeah, I just switched to Leopard… why? – l0ckergn0me

Thriller: Geek Edition – Outsanity

I got these glasses from Roddy Piper they revealed Chris’s true identity as an alien (I have no problem with that) They Live! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt00…Nice Fish Films

Chris wants to be a FFundercat – Josh Haley

AHHH – Caroline

Time to see a Dermatologist! – Jeff P. Henderson

And a Dentist!! – Jeff P. Henderson

Go Jaguars!! – Shey

A Dell running Vista was all Chris had to calculate terminal gene sequences. Realizing too late he had forgotten to run windows update on Tuesday, neighbors overheard him screaming "I’m a PC……….I’m a PC" – Greg Birch

Regretting swearing he’d break out in hives the next time someone referred to him as "Chis." – MiniMageFFungeonsNDragons

CDC Advises that Seattle area quarantined due to virus outbreak. – Duncan Riley

thx for the nightmares – sean percival

Thunderca.. WTF. No, we’re going with Snarf – Rodfather

Chris, boo, are you alright these days? – Fancy Fembot

One Red Paperclip Away from a Role in the Next Run of ‘Cats’ – see ya in Florida http://www.tampabay.com/featur…Micah Wittman