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Social Media Tips and Tricks

There’s a new kid in town over on the Lockergnome blogging network. Kelly Clay is a social media and marketing strategist who also happens to love to blog. She has graciously agreed to pen the daily updates on the new social media blog in the Lockergnome community.

Each week, I will post an update such as this to showcase what Kelly is doing. You’ll learn about the big news in social media with an entirely different twist than most other places will give you. You will gain some valuable insights into this crazy world we call “home” on the Internet.

If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment on one of her blog posts or send out a Tweet to get her attention.

What social media tips and tricks do you have to share with the world?

How Many Questions Do You Get Asked Every Day?

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Ryan recently asked if I am afraid of spiders. Indeed I am. This gives me reason to bring up that we now have more than 50,000 questions answered on the Lockergnome Questions and Answers site – including “What kind of spider is this?”

I’m a massive arachnophobe… you have NO idea. Thankfully, I was able to click away from that horrible picture without having to really look at it. I simply wanted to show that we don’t only help each other out with technology-related questions here. The Lockergnome site is a place to ask questions about anything your mind can think up. You can also answer any and all questions you come across.

Don’t forget that the first person to hit 100,000 karma points will win the Optimus Maximus keyboard! Get on there, and get to asking – or answering – questions.

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How To Get Famous on YouTube

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This isn’t a joke. If you’re a geek who can handle yourself well on camera, and you don’t need a ton of hand-holding to get things done quickly, we should definitely talk.

I’ve helped boost the standing of a few YouTubers – driving more traffic and attention to their respective channels. If you’re a geek who has good stuff to share – become a part of the Lockergnome universe!

Remember that you have to stand out, and do something differently. You have to be YOU – don’t try to emulate someone else. Look beyond your world. Do what you do best… without giving up yourself.

One of the reasons that I have worked so hard to build up my YouTube channel is to help all of YOU. If you are good at reviewing technology or discussing anything tech or social-media related… let’s talk. You could become a regular featured reviewer like Lamarr.

Additionally, we are looking for more blog writers on Lockergnome. You have to be a good writer with fresh content – remember your PUGS! You don’t have to be a “tech” writer for Lockergnome. Write about whatever it is you know and love.

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Bloggers are Getting Younger Every Day

The newest member of our Lockergnome blog community happens to be young Froyoca. This site is invite-only, and it’s more than awesome to see someone so young have the skills needed to write as well as he does.

You can check out his blog weekly to find his thoughts on the latest news in technology and trends. He also plans to post weekly tips about Diabetes, since he lives with that every day of his life.

If you’re interested in blogging with us and receiving a 50/50 split in revenue, you can apply with the site and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

I could do this all night long…

I could do this all night long...

How much sleep do you get every night? As a geek, I find that there are many days I don’t rest nearly enough. We’re always busy, right? There aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we have on our proverbial plates.

Getting enough rest is critical, though. When our bodies don’t recharge, our brains can become sluggish and unresponsive. Pushing yourself by staying up an extra couple of hours will actually end up hurting you. You will be too tired to do the things you have to do, and you’ll fall further behind than if you had just gone to bed on time.

Sleep is definitely a good thing.

Putting the "Me!" in Social Media

Putting the

Too many people feel that the Internet is there for them and them alone. Why do some people have such a sense of entitlement? I create content for others to enjoy and interact with. However, I cannot begin to please everyone all of the time. That would be a fruitless effort, and it’s one I’m not going to even attempt to take on. The simple fact is that none of us are going to make everyone happy. I generate content of my own – and promote that of others – which I think a majority of you will enjoy. At the end of the day, that’s really all I can do.

There are those who feel that the Internet is their personal playground. They think that every piece of information, media and news was created specifically for their entertainment. If they don’t like something, they turn vicious. Trust me on this! I see it every day in comment threads on various websites, such as with our YouTube channel. What makes them tick? Where do they get off believing that the world revolves around them?

Look. We all have our preferences. We have different tastes, ideals and morals. We like what we like. If you come across something you don’t like, why attack the person it came from? Simply move on to something else.