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How Many Followers Do You Have?

For many of you, the entire point of having an online presence is to be seen. Getting as much exposure as you can is the name of the game, but at what price? Too often, I see people focusing so much energy on their number of likes and followers that they seem to have forgotten why the heck they wanted or needed exposure to begin with.

Hat tip to Frills in the Hills for this amazing picture!

These days, you can practically buy followers. There are so many of you out there rabid about counting your community members and seeing how well the numbers tally up. The higher that bottom line is, the happier and more important you feel. When was the last time you stopped to actually interact in any meaningful way with that community, though? Talking with them involves far more than throwing links their way or saying thank you for the #FF or reTweets. Interaction and engagement levels count for much more than a bunch of stupid numbers.

Behind the person or company on the Twitter profile and Facebook page, there needs to be something worth getting involved with. You need to have a kickass product or service – period. Working your tail off to build some mythical “perfect” Facebook Page doesn’t mean squat if what your company stands for is crap. Your social profiles aren’t what make you great… YOU are. Why then does it matter how many people like or follow you?

People who truly enjoy who you are and what you do will follow you, yes. But I guarantee there are a LOT of people out there who simply follow anyone they feel is “important.” This pads the numbers you’re so proud of in a way. The bottom line isn’t a true account of people that care about what you’re doing and saying. I know that it’s impossible to weed through them and tell the difference. I wish I had an answer as to how to figure that part out.

The bottom line is that you have to stop worrying so damn much about how many likes, follows and community members you have. Focus your attention on building a great product or service and THEN go out and engage those people you want to market to. Talk to them. Interact with them. Treat them like people – and not like numbers.

How to Celebrate 3000 YouTube Videos

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I cannot believe this is the 3000th video I’ve uploaded to YouTube. What a ride it has been! Thank you to everyone for subscribing to the YouTube channel, the Twitter page, the Facebook fan page and my blog. To help celebrate this video milestone, I’m going to give away some of my eBooks!

You can receive these for a limited time simply by clicking this link. I have written (or co-authored) several of these types of guides now. Just for being a fan or friend, you will receive:

  • Top 100 PC Security Tips
  • Top 50 YouTube Tips
  • Top 200 Windows Tips
  • Top 50 Weight Loss Tips
  • Top 80 Windows 7 Tips
  • Top 140 Twitter
  • Top 100 Mac Tips for Beginners and Windows Users

I want to take advantage of this moment in time to let you know that when we reach 50,000 “Likes” on the Facebook Fan Page, I am going to give away THE MacBook. You know which one I mean… the MacBook you’ve seen in many of my videos… silver with the big Lockergnome logo on the lid!

Make sure you Like the page, and you’ll automatically be entered to win!

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Do You Like This Comment?

Add one more to the list of things that you can “Like” on Facebook. Starting today, you can Like comments that others have made. You can also UNlike a comment if you change your mind later.

As ReadWriteWeb points out, this could mean some pretty cool features in the future from developers. “Imagine the addition of “people whose comments you liked” as a metric by which to measure future content for prioritization or other analysis.” This could prove to be invaluable for those of us whose jobs and lives depend on community engagement.

If you really enjoy a comment someone had made anywhere on the Facebook site, you can simply Like it instead of spending time to write out a comment of your own. There are a LOT of times where I see someone post simply to say “I agree with you!” or “I like what you said!” Now you can just click the Like button and be done with it.

Why Should You Turn Your Site into a Facebook Page?

Jesse describes himself as a Brick Builder, CEO, Blogger, Father, Entrepreneur, and Published Author. The interviewer thinks of him as a coder and developer. He spoke at the Next Level Hawaii event last weekend about the many changes going on at Facebook.

Facebook just released a whole set of HTML tags that will make your website become a part of the Facebook network. More than 500,000,000 people are active on the popular site at least once per day. There are an insane number of people and brands coming together, so you really need to turn your site into a Facebook page. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice and miss out on huge opportunities to talk about your brand.

If you head over to the developers area of Facebook, you can easily add your web site into the mix. Facebook will open up more and more over time. People express concerns about the entire Internet being Facebook-driven. Jesse doesn’t see that as their intent. He says that the Facebook team is working hard to make the web more open and more social.

With the advent of the OpenGraph protocol, it’s easier than ever before to make connections that can help you do the indexing. They’re using the closed element to make things on the Internet more open, if that makes sense.

What are your thoughts about all of the recent changes at Facebook? Do you agree that these are exciting changes with huge possibilities, or are you afraid the FB team is becoming too big for their own britches?

I have to thank Bruce and his team at Hawaii Aloha for helping me once again make the trip down to paradise.

No Kids Meal Toys in Fattening Fare

Santa Clara County out in California has announced that they will now regulate what kids meals are allowed to give away toys in the hopes that your children will become healthier. Any meal which has more than 485 calories, 600 milligrams of sodium will no longer be allowed to offer a toy along with dinner. Additionally, if the meal has more than 35 percent of calories from fat or more than 10 percent of calories from added sugar, the toy ban will be imposed.

County Supervisor Ken Yeager says that the new ordinance will “prevent restaurants from preying on children’s love of toys to peddle high-calorie, high-fat, high-sodium kids’ meals.” This, of course, rules out those super-awesome Happy Meal toys that every child crave. Can you imagine where the world would be right now if we had never had the Beanie Baby craze several years ago? I shudder to think about it, honestly.

While I applaud the fact that the county wants to promote healthy eating, I cannot help but think there has to be a better way. Why are you going to deprive children of something they love because of bad choices their parents make for them?

All of the software and applications we collect for you are 100% calorie-free!

What Do You Like?

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likaholix is all about what you like. Share, discuss and discover likes with people all over the World. Recommendations from friends, whose tastes, you trust are usually much better than most reviews on the web. Most people, when they are out on social occasions with friends, find themselves exchanging notes and discussing things that they like. Likaholix serves as both a self-expression and a recommendation tool.

This is basically a social network where you can add just about anything to your account, and tell everyone why you like it. You could even say you like me – but of course, you don’t have to! You can jump past the referral link if you wish, of course. But then you might not even get accepted into the beta, and be unable to start liking things! Just use the referral, save yourself some time and hassle, and then start getting referrals of your own!

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