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Free Lifestream WordPress Options

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You’re doing things online every day, whether you’re posting to YouTube, publishing photos to Flickr, or sending out tweets. You’re doing all kinds of things, but what are you doing to archive your life stream? I have a solution for you… a brand-new site that I have created with some help. It’s a free WordPress blog, where we will help you aggregate all of your social media activity. You will be able to export all of that information at any point you choose! You can do all of this – and more! – on the new Lockergnome.net site.

Note the big difference… this Lockergnome site is a .net site, not the original .com. You can still apply to blog with us on the original Lockergnome site. We are even taking possible guest blogger applications, if you are interested in that.

This new Lockergnome is something a little bit different. Yes, you can make actual blog posts if you wish. Yes, you can update your status, much like you would on Facebook or MySpace. However, you can do SO much more with it! And, if you have trouble figuring out how to do all of these cool things, you can watch the screencast done by Devir that shows you exactly where you need to go… and what you need to do when you get there!

It’s free to sign up, and only takes a few moment. You can add your own avatar, of course, to personalize your experience. Once you start adding widgets to your page, you will have an even more customized page! Add in any – or all! – of your social media feeds to have them display on your Lockergnome page for everyone to see. Not only will the World be able to see it, you will be able to export and save it at any point in time. Keep a record for the future, so your grandchildren can go back and giggle at what you were doing online in the “olden days”.

If you do want your own personalized blog, with YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME, and including support and theme customization… you can head over to the Premium Lockergnome site! We are working hard to keep the prices competitive with other, similar services. Get your own domain name, host and customize your own blog, and then have us do the hosting work for you!

As an additional bonus, if you sign up for a premium account and site, you’ll receive a free copy of my upcoming eBook, full of tips and tricks to make money with your blog. That’s not quite available yet, but keep your eyes peeled for it in the near future!

So, there you have it: two different options to help you archive your life online. I hope to see you posting on Lockergnome soon!

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Steve Wozniak Loves his Google Phone

Apparently, the Woz has jumped ship! He may still have his iPhone, but he told a news show today that he loves his new Google Nexus One! The Apple co-founder calls it his favorite gadget. Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Are you shocked that he would say such a thing… in public?

It doesn’t shock me in the least that Woz would say such a thing. He has openly criticized Apple in the past when he didn’t agree with something they were doing. He griped that the first-gen iPhone should have included 3G support when it shipped. He also claims that the phone should be more open to developers. While he didn’t call the Google phone by name during the recent interview, it’s easy to figure out that’s what he meant. Woz stated: “Well, it’s the latest one. It’s a non-Apple product, but it’s a gadget that just came out yesterday.”. At that time, the Google Nexus One phone was just one day old. I couldn’t find any other important pieces of tech that were released the same day, can you?

This will be a hot topic to read all over the Web in coming days. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on this front, especially right on our own network of sites!

Take a swing by our software center to find the hottest new apps and software available – all at excellent prices!

If you’re looking to aggregate all of your lifestream information from the various social networking sites into ONE place… look no further! The new Lockergnome.NET site allows you to do this, and more! Registration and membership are free!

How to Get a Lifestream

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Devir has a very important screencast for you today. He’s going to show you how you can become an active member of my new venture site, Lockergnome.NET. This is different from the original Lockergnome, so pay attention. Registration on the new site is open to anyone and everyone. It’s a place where you can easily integrate all of your social media activities into one spot on the web. Add a blog, pull in all of your feeds, and connect with others… all for no cost to you! Thanks to Devir for the screencast!

When you first visit the new site, you’ll of course need to sign up. Choose a screen name, and fill in your information. After you receive the activation email (usually within a moment or two), you can begin! I suggest first choosing a unique avatar, one that reflects you and who you are!

Next you’re going to want to set up your activity stream. This is pretty simple to do. At the top of the Lockergnome page, you’ll see where it says “My Blogs”. Hover your mouse there, and then hover over your blog name. From the second pop-out of choice, you want to choose “Dashboard”. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, don’t panic! It’s not difficult to learn.

On the left, down towards the bottom, you’ll see where it says “Lifestream”. This will take you to the page where you can add all of your feeds! You’ll see a huge list here. First, select a feed from the list. Once you do, you’ll need to enter your feed URL, and name it whatever you wish (or leave it at the default name). Lastly, you want to click “Add Feed” at the bottom. The page will refresh, and your feed is added.

You can make a status update or a blog post whenever you choose. However, you don’t “have” to do this. All of your activity on the social networks you add to your account will automatically be aggregated right there in one place!

Another thing you can do to personalize your page, is to play around with the widgets available. On the Dashboard, go to Appearance (over on the left), and then choose “Widgets”. You’ll see a number of different things you can drag-and-drop to help customize your Lifestream page a little more. For instance, you may want to have your personal blog or website content show up here on Lockergnome. You can do that! Drag the “RSS Feed” icon over to the right where it says “Sidebar 1”. Drop it right there when the little box shows up. Add the RSS feed URL from your blog or website, name it, and save it!

This site is simple to use, free to use, and important to use. You want to keep all of your information in one place. Lockergnome gives you a way to do that!

Thanks, Devir, for an excellent screencast that will hopefully help others get their new Lifestream set up!

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How to Create and Browse Lifestreams

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How many people do you keep track of online? And how many different sites do you have to log into in order to do so? It can take a lot of time to accomplish this if you aren’t using the proper vehicle to help you. You’d have to log into each of what seems to be a hundreds sites and check up on what everyone is up to. Who has the time to do that these days?

I’m lucky in that I can have my own lifestream running right from within my blog. The WicketPixie WordPress theme has been developed by some of our community members, and is updated often. It includes a feature that allows you to have things ported right to your site, such as your latest tweets, status, and uploads.

What do you do, though, if you don’t have the necessary platform to run something like WicketPixie? Are you stuck logging into all of these sites one-by-one in order to keep up? The answer is no! There’s a piece of software that is cross-platform, running off of Adobe Air, that can make this task an easy and much faster one.

nomee is, quite simply, social media made simple. Once you register for your own account, you can start following other people you are interested in. For instance, let’s say you follow iJustine and want to see what she’s been up to recently. Click on her name or icon in your list of people you’re following. It will then take you to a page of all of the websites and services she has listed under her own profile. You can see at a glance what she’s updated recently. Clicking on the icon for that particular updated site takes you right to it… such as her Flickr page, or her Twitter account.

When signing yourself up on nomee, you control what others see. Choose which sites you want to have nomee keep tabs on, and that others are allowed to access. Let nomee help you make your social life much easier.

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Me, Myself, and Irene

Me, Myself, and Irene

While I was in SF last week, I happened upon Irene McGee. If her face seems familiar, that’s because she’s been in quite a few media projects. We met virtually a few months ago for a Revision3 show that never saw the light of day. She interviewed me on the subject of lifecasting. I guess I’ve become somewhat of an expert in streaming one’s life online? Can there be such a thing?!