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Live Web Show Visit with Ron Knights

I was a guest on the Ron Knights show yesterday afternoon. Ron has been a community member for quite a while now, participating on the various websites we have. He also regularly blogs on Lockergnome with us.

I had a great time hanging out with Ron. We talked about some of the things that I’ve been up to recently and what’s in store for the near future of Lockergnome as a whole.

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During Gnomedex last August, we had an open-mic session where attendees could come up on stage and share their favorite websites, Apps and tools with the audience. Ayush wanted to share two of his life-saving websites with us.

Skittlr allows you to put your own little bar on your website that you customize to fill with the sites you visit the most. The bar can be moved around on the page, and makes it so much easier to get to your intended sites quickly. Of course, this is also a perfect little marketing tool. You can invite others to embed the Skittlr on their websites. However, marketing results are not guaranteed.

He also showed us SweetCron, which is a is a self-hosted lifestreaming application that supports themes & plugins. You can use it to pull all of your different social streams into one central location!

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