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Weight Loss Progress

I’m still pumping away over here – not much loss to report. I’m dropping towards my goal, though – coming in at (roughly) 148lbs as of these past few days. I could probably push myself to 147 if I became an exercise fiend. No matter, Lockergnomie Don Hughes lets me know that I’m not alone:

I’m 58 years old and a bit over 6′ tall. Some years back I used to weigh about 95Kg (~209lb), but it now hovers around 81-82Kg (~180lb). Not quite 30lb but pretty close. I don’t watch the calories at all, and I eat as much as I want! The key for me was controlling the “want” factor! I simply don’t want a lot now. Now, I’m rarely very hungry, and I neither want nor need a lot.

I’ve had some health problems and in some respects they’ve been a blessing to me! Because of these I’ve had to change my diet. Now I rarely eat any grain-based foods or legumes (apart from lentils) which has done wonders for my hay fever. I can’t eat dairy products (apart from butter) or potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers etc (the deadly nightshade family). Avoiding this lot has fixed my appalling joint inflammation.

Avoiding grains used to leave me terribly hungry, but starting fish-oil capsules got rid of that problem entirely. And avoiding the starchy grains and potatoes as well as sugar has eliminated my insulin surges and hypoglycemia, which underlie much of the hunger we suffer. And as a result, I’ve now no concerns at all about developing diabetes! You need to know that while sugar’s bad, starch is MUCH worse. The “food pyramid” is 100% misinformation, and following it is the cause of much of our problems.

Don’t be paranoid about the quantity of fat you consume and be aware that some fat in your diet is essential. Low fat diets are bad and you can’t properly absorb many nutrients without it. But you DO need to be paranoid about the type of fat you consume. Most of the fat we eat is precisely the fat we need to avoid! Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. These are unfit for human consumption. Margarine and standard commercial cooking oils are in this category. Get rid of them!!! Real butter, if you can get it in the US, is MUCH safer. (30+ years back when I lived in Dayton Ohio, the butter that was available there was absolute rubbish).

Hopefully you don’t have food intolerances like I do, but regardless, if you can eliminate starchy food and sugar from your regular diet, you’ll be amazed at how little attention you have to pay to the quantity of food you eat.