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LEGO is for Boys and Girls

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I was pretty young when I received my first LEGO set. There was no such thing as minifigs back then, unfortunately. Even though I’m an adult now, I still love to collect LEGO kits – and more specifically, minifigs. While visiting the LEGO store not long ago, I found a set a minifigs I didn’t already own. Each of the persons in this set just happens to be a female! LEGO bricks and figurines are not just for boys, y’all.

I even picked up a set of female minifig magnets. You can remove the magnet from the back fairly easily and line these up with the rest of your collection. I don’t know, though – these would probably look cool stuck on my filing cabinet here in my office.

It amuses me when someone cracks on me for being a grownup who happens to enjoy building things with LEGO bricks. Do I make fun of your hobbies? Is there nothing that you collect which may cause others to raise an eyebrow? Those comic books… it doesn’t matter if they’re worth money. They’re still comics! The bubble-gum trading cards… dude. Seriously? What about your baseball cards? I don’t care if Joe Di-whats-his-face signed it or not. It’s a CARD. How is that any better or different than what I choose to collect?

Usually our adult collections and hobbies reflect on our childhood in some way, whether it harks back to the way we were raised, or the things we took solace in. The same things that helped play a role in shaping the adults we would become also play a role in the things which interest us.

Are you a female LEGO fan? Which minifig sets am I missing? Send me an email and let me know!

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How To Play With Yourself

I collected a lot of action figures as a kid, and admit that I still have several of them as an adult. I collect all kinds of figurines these days, including Star Wars and LEGO Minifigs. Nothing is cooler, though, than having action figures designed to look like myself!

You can’t help but want to play with these things. They’re absolutely awesome – and not just because they have my head on them. The heads pop right off, which can make for hours of creative fun. They fit easily on your fingers…

Or in your ear…

And even in your mouth! I don’t recommend letting toddlers play with them for that reason, though. Apparently my head is big enough to cause a child to choke. I’m just sayin’…

Thanks, as always, to the awesome UncleJohn for capturing all of the wacky moments on my live stream that might otherwise be missed.