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Cool LEGO Creations

I am always on the lookout for new LEGO creations to add to my collection. How many times do I have to repeat myself? I am a LEGO fan, and I’m proud of it! I know there are actually many of you out there in our community who build right along with me. Whether you freestyle or build from a kit, you’re still a fan. A couple of different photos came across my desk today and they were too good not to share. While one of these is a couple of years old, it definitely is worth repeating.

Listen up, ladies: Your geek wants a LEGO wedding ring. I cannot stress this enough. You may not want one for yourself, and that’s perfectly okay. But if the dude is going to be wearing a ring every day for the rest of his life, why not give him the one HE wants? The LEGO ring is pretty damn sweet. Not only is it an actual ring made from white gold, it also functions exactly as a real LEGO brick. You can grab your favorite pieces to build right on top of the ring. This is the one that musician Tyler Walker had placed on his finger by his adoring wife. It’s almost enough to make me want to get married again – just to get this ring!

This LEGO computer is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Even though the original post was written more than a year ago, I hadn’t stumbled across it until now. Check the detail in this thing, y’all. It’s epic! The machine was built in 2003, with an HP pavilion. The entire body of this computer is built with Lego bricks, without using glue or screws. The budget was eighty dollars and the building time was about a month. The entire structure is made to look like a little plastic town, complete with tiny people, streets, an ATM, a post office, fire hydrants and even a basketball court! And yes – this is a functional structure, used mostly for email purposes.

Last for today – but definitely not least – Apple software engineer Andrew Carol has designed a replica of the Antikythera Mechanism. Using over 1500 LEGO pieces, he has successfully created an exact replica of the mechanical computer invented by the Greeks to predict outer-space events. That device is the oldest known calculator. Its importance to the world has often been said to be more significant than the Mona Lisa. And now, it’s been made even better with LEGO!

What awesome LEGO creations have you seen – or built – lately?