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Creationary LEGO App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

If you’re a LEGO fan who owns an iDevice of any type, you’re going to want this app. Creationary is the first official LEGO branded game for the iPad. It’s quite true to the original board game version of the same name. The game tests you to see how fast you can guess what is being built from LEGO bricks. The free game works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Players “roll” the LEGO dice to find out which of the 4 randomly selected categories they are guessing: nature, vehicles, buildings or things. The game starts building an object from that category out of LEGO bricks, and players must guess which of the four possible answers is correct by tapping the illustration that they think matches what is being built. The faster players guess correctly, the more points they earn. As the game is played over time, the more difficult it becomes. If players guess incorrectly, the game ends. Scores can be shared with friends via email or on Facebook.

While this may not be the same as building something with actual LEGO bricks, it sure is a good way to keep yourself in the game. What other cool apps have you played around with recently?