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Pr0n Humor

What kind of world do we live in when one can’t even visit Russian porn sites without the fear of being slipped a bit of spyware? I tell ya, it’s a crying shame:

The malware… takes advantage of an unpatched flaw in the way IE processes Vector Markup Language (VML) code. VML is a language used to display graphic information on the Web.

VML? Isn’t that short for Vagina Markup Language?

Web Attacker is a software development kit sold for as little as $20 to criminals looking for an easy way to develop malware. Websense posted an informational alert for Web Attacker last April.

Yeah, but Firefox is free.

Microsoft today confirmed the Sunbelt team’s findings, and said it planned to fix the VML bug in its next set of security patches, scheduled to be released on Oct. 10, “or sooner as warranted,” according to a statement from the company’s public relations agency.

So, until then, you’d be wise to stick to Hot Latina Amateurs and Hairy Asians. Not “stick to” in the literal sense, mind you…