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HP Color LaserJet CP2020 Review

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I bet you didn’t think I had more than one room in my home, did you? Let’s face it – all you ever see is my office! However, I shot this video in the “hub” of my home… the kitchen/den/open area. I don’t know how to properly describe it! Anyway, that’s where my new HP Color Laser Jet CP2020 sits. Since I have computers scattered all over the house, it makes sense to have my printer in a central location.

You’re likely going to want to buy one of these for yourself… if for no other reason than the fast double-sided printing on ONE page!! Yes, you read that correctly. I demonstrated this by choosing to print something directly from YouTube. You’ll notice that the page prints – and then goes back into the printer! How cool is that? I didn’t have to take the paper out and feed it back in. It didn’t pick up a second sheet. It just yanked that little sucker back in, and printed the second side. It was fast… and the quality is excellent!

The printer connects either via your home network, or by USB. This makes it easy for you to use it in any situation where you have a network with several printers. Why would you need a few cheaper printers that don’t work well in each office location, when you can have one AMAZING one connected to all the machines?

Check out the new HP CP2020. I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to fall in love just like I did!

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HP's Color LaserJet CM1312

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You guys know about my two dogs, Wicket and Pixie. I took some pictures of them recently, and printed one in about a minute flat on the new printer sitting in my office. The quality was as good as the quality of the photo itself. The big deal would be that it was printed on a color jet printer. To be exact, I used the new Color LaserJet CM1312 from HP. I’m really excited about this machine, actually. HP sent this to me to review, and I don’t think I want to send it back.

I’ve been using HP Laser Jet printers for years, going way back to the days before USB. Over the years, features and functions have grown. I’ve always been sold on the concept of an all-in-one device. Thus, I jumped at the opportunity to review this machine… and it’s been a great experience. This is the first color laser jet printer that I’ve had in my home office. To tell you the truth, I can see it no other way at this point.

This thing is as Uber as these types of peripherals get. It can fax, it can scan, copy and print. It doesn’t just print in black.. it prints in perfect color. I can’t get over how fast it printed these pictures. It’s just insane. I printed high-quality photos in LESS THAN A MINUTE!! Featuring newly formulated HP ColorSphere toner, the HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP produces print-shop quality documents with a wider range of colors, higher gloss and improved photo resolutions to help micro and small businesses who need to take their business documents to the next level.


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