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How To Optimize Sound Coming From Your Devices

I realized something last night: my iPad doesn’t have a perfect speaker setup. None of my devices do, for that matter. Unless you hold the speaker up against your ear, the sound is being pushed out in a direction other than where you need it to be. This is true of your phone, your iPad, your mp3 player and even your laptop. This frustrated me so much last night that I started looking for solutions online. The problem is that I really found nothing much to help. Therefore, I decided to appeal to Quirky for help.

Speakears! Slightly-concave cups that redirect speaker sound.

If you need a living example as to how this might work, go to bed and place your notebook computer on your tummy. Play a video or audio file. Then, cup each of your hands over your notebook’s speakers so as to bounce the sound waves directly towards your ears. You’ll absolutely hear the difference – and realize it’s not practical to keep your hands there indefinitely.

Now, imagine a product that will act as a pair of cupped hands – to be used atop your notebook computer or with any speaker!

I can envision exactly what needs to be done, but do not have the means to accomplish this goal myself. I can close my eyes and see what I’m thinking of, but I cannot begin to design anything such as this. This is where all of you come in. If you have suggestions or comments about my idea, please post them over on the Quirky page. Also, help spread the word by voting up the idea and share it on your social networks.