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How to Cool Your Laptop Notebook Computer

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It’s important to keep your notebook computer cool. It adds wear and tear to your machine when it gets too hot. I’ve gone through a few different notebook coolers, and done reviews on each of them. I’m seriously considering a switch to the Laptop Liftsthough!

Laptop Lifts are designed especially for the punishment that mobile laptop computer use can dish out. The unique shape and large size resist side to side force and will not pop off. Use your laptop on the tiniest coffee shop table or airline tray: it will not slip thanks to the large soft rubber feet.

Regular fans can work well, but passive cooling like Laptop Lifts is generally than external fan-based cooling. If you are running a fan from the computer’s USB port, you are using extra power. You will raise the operating temprature of the machine and run down your battery faster.

There are rubber grips that you stick on to the bottom of your notebook. There are a couple of longer pieces, and four shorter ones. You’re elevating the notebook in order to add both extra padding and airflow. If you set it on a desk, you’ll also help prevent scratching and scuffing!

The idea is rock-solid. I’m thinking about adding them to my primary notebook. I could likely still use an external cooler if I need to, but I’m definitely going to try to go without it. That will help clear up the clutter on my desk a bit!

Laptop Lifts are simply a practical and affordable answer to many of the issues that you will face when using a notebook – including keeping it cool!

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